AM5718 SoM Application in LPR Solution

With the high-speed development of technology, transportation have become more and more intelligent. LPR(Licence Plate Recognition) solution 
has a rapid development opportunity in automation fare collection system. Presently, mostly LPR systems are relies on PC, DSP and FPGA. To 
meet users' demand, Forlinx launched a new SoM named FET5718-C which could be used for advanced LPR solution to replace traditional 
1. About LPR
LPR is short for licence plate recognition. A complete LPR system consists of auto detection, image acquisition, licence plate recognition and other related parts. Once vehicle is  recognized, image collecting unit will be triggered for video images collecting and to be processed by license plate recognition unit to get  the licence plate positioned, then aplit the plate characters to identify, and at last output the complete recognized license.
Auto detection
Burying ground ring, infrared, rador, video detecting and other related solutions are all available for auto detection.
Image collecting
HD(high definition) camera
Licence plate recognition
1) licence plate positioning
2) spliting to characters on licence plate
3) characters recognition and licence number combnation
Recognition to licence color relies on algorithm, which could be done in any of the above steps, it generally coordinates with and mutual  verified with licence plate recognition. 
2. LPR solution based on SoM FET5718-C
The most distinguished feature by taking the FET5718-C solution is that it could take place of PC part because of its powerful computing  performance. It totally could make it possible that computing done on native machine and then sending data to server. Nowadays, mostly  solutions are that sending data to and processing/ computing on PC terminal, and then send the processed data to server. While, by taking  the solution based on FET5718-C, it has below features. 
Low cost
Small volume
Advanced reliability
Strong adaption to environment
High flexibility in management
Variable peripheral interfaces
Spec .
WIFI/ BT/ 4G/ Ethernet for connection to server for data transferring;
Camera for video image collecting
SATA for data storaging
Audion for broadcasting
UART for connection to barrier controlling by ground loop, infrared detecting, rador detecting, ect.
LCD/ HDMI for displaying of car location information in parking and  billing information
GPS for positioning that once any exceptations, the related person could be informed in time for maintainance. 
The AM5718 processor can manage to do image collecting, computing and controlling tasks, It's integrated with a single-core ARM Cortex-A15  RISC CPU@ 1. 5GHz, a TI C66x VLIW floating-point DSP core@ 750MHz, two dual-core PRU@ 200MHz and dual-ARM Cortex-M4 core@ 213MHz. 
3. Forlinx FET5718-C SoM Features
Overview of SoM FET5718-C
 CPU  Ti Sitara AM5718  



 Cortex-A15-1.5GHz  DSP-C66X-750MHz  2x dual-core Cortex-M4-213MHz 
 2x dual-core PRU-200MHz  PowerVR SGX544 3D GPU  Vivante GC320 2D GPU
 RAM  1GB DDR3L  Flash Memory  8GB eMMC
 Dimensions  50*70mm   Connection Type  board to board connectors
 PMU  TPS659162RGZR  Voltage Input  5V
 Working Temp  -40℃ to +85℃  Relative Hummidity  10% to 90% RH none condensing
 OS  Linux4.9.41+ QT5.6+ Wayland


SoM FET5718-C Periperals
 Display interface  3x RGB, 1x HDMI  SATA  1x SATA
 IIS  8x IIS  Mini PCIe  1x 2-lane or 2x 1-lane
 Ethernet  2x RGMII


 3x PWM


 CAN   2x CAN


 1x keypad(8* 8)
 IIC  5x IIC


 1x QSPI
 SPI  4x SPI  Watchdog  CPU builtin
 GPMC  16-bit data bus


 3x eCAP
 Camera  4x DVP, 2x MIPI CSI

 HDQ/ 1-wire

 1x HDQ/ 1-wire


 16x timer
 USB  1x USB3.0 Host, 1x USB2.0 OTG  Temp sensor  digital temp sensor