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Established in 2007, Forlinx is a global provider of ARM single board computers and CPU modules with more than 100 employees. After several years works involved in the Embedded system, Forlinx Embedded Technology Co., Ltd have had grown up as a leading manufacturers of ARM board in China.we have at least 5 product lines with sales volume of approximately CNY 50,000,000 every year.
In our journey of over 10 years, we have experienced some of the major changes that have led to Forlinx's emergence as the leading provider of ARM single board computers.
Read more about the defining moments in the history of Forlinx.

2016•   I.MX6UL CPU module is released,RK3188 will be released soon.
2015• i.MX6Q/DL Single board computer base on i.mx6 processors is released
2014• Newly release Cortex-A8 OK335Xs-II, the most multi-functional, compact,cost efficient board comparing with other boards.Infosys is assessed at CMM Level 4
2013• Release OK335x series single board computer,Forlinx step into to the industrial arm boards fields
2012• Opens first R&D center in Beijing, China.Tech power is enhenced.
2011• Relocates corporate headquarters to New site.OK210 board is released,Cortex-A8,1G main frequency,Signs up its first foreign client.
2009• Release FET6410 CPU module.Fast,stable,multi-functional Sale volume reach up to CNY 1,000,000
2007• Huitong Technology Co.,Ltd is established by Hongfei YU and six engineers in Baoding, China, with an initial capital of CNY 500,000 Signs up its first client.Newly release FET2440 board.