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Maintenance Rules
• The Guarantee time of single board computer manufactured by Forlinx is 12 months. While we only provide 3 months for other add-on modules, such as: LCD, GPRS, GPS, etc.
• When there are breakdowns occurred, users could contact us for maintenance for products still during the guarantee time, so then the maintenance charge is for free.However, the users should be responsible for the shipping charge that ship to our company.
• For products which its guarantee time is expired, Forlinx could provide paid service.the detailed maintenance fees depends.In terms of products that has been seriously damaged,spare parts has been stopped for manufacture,and could not be fixed well according to the evaluation of Forlinx engineers,maintenance services could not be provided.
• Payment method could contact us for selection. We now accept T/T, PayPal, and West Union.
• For the repaired products, it will also have a 90-day guarantee time for the repaired parts. The time is calculated since the first day you receive the repaired ones.
• Please make sure to back up all datas in the board that are ready to ship to us for maintenance.Forlinx is not responsbile for the data loss caused during the maintenance period.
• Shipping charge for the repaired products should be shared by both sides.

Exceptions over Maintenance Coverage
• Products that its guarantee time is over.
• CPU, RAM, Flash chips are not repalced for free, which are called non-guaranteed spare parts.
• Physical dameges done by users due to users’improper operation.
• Products without barcode or with wrong barcode that is sticked on the back side.
• Products that has been fixed by users themselves,or seriourly damaged, crashed, etc.
• Products damaged due to irristable factors.
• Products with damages caused by poor package or rough handling during the transportaion.

Maintenance Period
We promise 7 working days for the maintenace service since the first day we received the products that need to be repaired.

Shipping informaton
Address: No.266 Xiangyang North Street, Baoding, China.071051
Attn: After Sales Service Department
Tel: 86-312-3102663

Please make sure you are not to ship it in the method of freight collect, or product will not be received.DHL, FedEX, UPS, or TNT is recommend for shipping.