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Forlinx FIT-GPS& BD-UM220 can support both LVCMOS and RS232, and can support BDS/ GPS dual-mode positioning. A-GNSS is available with BD2 B1 and GPS L1 two frequencies, meanwhile, 1PPs is also available.

Item Name Spec.
 Chipset  UM220-III NL  Low power GNSS SoC
 Frequency input  Frequency  BDS B1& GPS L1, 1559-1577MHz
 Standing wave ratio  ≤1.5
 Impedance input  50Ω
 GNSS  Positioning accuracy  2.5m CEP
 RMS  GPS/ BeiDou: 0.1m/s
 Beidou: 0.2m/s(open sky)
 TTFF  cold starting: 30s
 hot starting: 1s
 Sensibitlity  Tracking  -160dBm

 BeiDou: -145dBm

 GPS: -147dBm

 Hot starting/re-capture  -150dBm
 1PPS(RMS)  20nS
 Update rate  1Hz
 Navigation data form  based on NMEA0183, compatible with BeiDou
 Power  Main power  5V is recommended
 Consumption  120mW
 Peak current  100mA
 Interface  Serial(simple OX horn header)


 Baud rate: 4800-115200bps

 default: 9600bps

 DB9 female connector


 baud rate: 4800- 115200bps

 default: 9600bps


Development board supportings
Model OS  
 OKMX6Q-C  Linux4.1.15/ Linux3.0.35/ Android6.0/ Android4.4
 OKMX6Q  Linux4.1.15/ Linux3.0.35/ Android6.0/ Android4.4
 OKMX6DL  Linux4.1.15/ Linux3.0.35/ Android6.0/ Android4.4
 OKMX6UL-C  Linux4.1.15/ Linux3.14.38
 OK335xD  Linux3.2, Android4.2/ 2.3
 OK335xS  Linux3.2, Android4.2/ 2.3
 OK335xS-II  Linux3.2
 OK4418/ OK6818  Linux3.4.39, Android5.1.1
 OK5718-C  Linux4.9.41
 OK1052-C  uCLinux

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