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Working frequency: EGSM 900MHz and DCS1800MHz

GPRSmultiple-slotclass 10/class 8(optional) and GPRS encoding form CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4



Chipset supplier: SIMCom

Model: SIM900A

Interface type: stmp-hole

Power input: univoltage 3.2V ~ 4.8V, sleep mode power current 1.0mA

Frequency: SIM900A dual band: EGSM900 and DCS1800, it can automatically scan the two bands or set the band by AT command.   it complianys with GSM Phase 2/2+

GSM type: mobile units

Rate: class 4 (2W): EGSM900, Class 1 (1W): DCS1800

Connection feature: GPRS multi-slot class 10 (default), GPRS multi-slot class 8 (optional), GPRS mobile station class B

Working range: -30℃ to +80℃


This module is supported by below boards

OKMX6Q-C with Linux 3.0.35, OKMX6Q/DL with Linux 3.0.35, OKMX6UL-C with Linux 3.14.38, OK335xD with Linux 3.2 Android or Win CE, OK335xS with Linux Android or Win Ce, OK335xS-II with Linux or Win CE, OK6410A/B

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