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OK1061-S is a single board computer designed based on NXP Cortex-M7 MCU i.MX RT1061@ 528MHz(commercial grade one 600MHz), it has on-chip SRAM up to 1MB, 512KB can be flexibly configured as TCM or general purpoes on-chip RAM, and it can support QSPI-NOR Flash with capability of 4MB.

It consists of SoM with compact volume of 30x 30x 3mm and carrier board with dimensions of 104x 80mm, and SoM soldered on carrier board. It integrates HS_GPIO, CAN-FD and NAND/ NOR/ PSRAM controllers. The SoM temp width ranges from -40℃ to +85℃. Meanwhile, various prepherial interface such as UART, 2x Ethewrnet, USB, CAN, CAN-FD, HS_GPIO and PWM, ADC are available on carrier board. Bare metal and Free RTOS are both supported.  

Edge soldering package with compact volume

30x 30x 3mm, 100 pins(25x 4) with pitch of 1.0mm

On-chip SRAM

Up to 1MB on-chip SRAM, perfect compatibility with i.MX RT1052 pin-to-pin


CAN-FD and CAN2.0B are both available

HS_GPIO available for flexable protocols 

Up to 32 bits of I/O are available and  is capable of supporting a wide range of protocols including, but not limited to: UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, etc.

Communication Interface

SoM is available with dual channels of 10M/ 100M Ethernet, CAN2.0B and 7-ch UART

NXP-MCUBootUtility is a special tool for NXP MCU booting security and encryption solution which is a real one-stop and full GUI tool supports full range of i.MX RT MCU


Bare Metal  Free-RTOS

Plenty Demo Source



SoM FET1061-S Basic Information
 CPU  i.MX RT1061  Power Input  5V
 Architecture  Cortex-M7  Dimensions  30x 30mm
 Frequency  528MHz  Process  1mm thickness, 4-layer ENIG PCB
 RAM  on-chip 1MB SRAM  Package  edge soldering, 4x 25 pins, pitch 1mm
 Flash  QSPI NOR Flash 4MB  Temp Width  -40℃ to +85℃
 OS  Bare metal, Free RTOS
SoM FET1061-S Functional Features
Interface QTY Spec.
 SD/ MMC/ SDIO ≤2  Supports SD/ SDIO card 1-bit or 4-bit transfer modes
 USB 2  USB2.0(up to 480Mbps), integrated with HS USB PHY
 SAI ≤2  Up to 3-ch I2S audio
 UART ≤7  Each up to 5.0Mbps
 eCSPI ≤3

 Full duplex enhanced serial interface, data rate up to 52Mbit/s. It's available for both host and slave modes, each SPI controller has four chip selection to support multiple prepherial

 IIC ≤4  
 Ethernet ≤2  10/ 100Mbps
 PWM ≤26  4x 16-bit PWM controller, each channel support up to 8 pins
 SWD supported  
 Keypad supported  8x 8
 QSPI ≤2  Mounted to SoM
 CAN ≤2  CAN2.0B
 ADC ≤10  two 12-bit ADC, with up to 10 input channel 


OK1061-S Carrier Board Features
Interface QTY Spec.
 Camera 1  8-bit CSI, up to 5.0MP(available for RT1052/ RT1062)
 Audio 1  1x MIC, 1x Phone
 USB Host 1  USB2.0(up to 480Mbps)
 USB OTG 1  standard micro USB connector, USB2.0(up to 480Mbps)
 Ethernet 2

 10M/ 100Mbps, RJ45

 RTC 1  RX8010SJ, CR1220
 EEPROM 1  24C02, 256bytes
 TF Card 1  compatible with SD, SDHC
 LED 2  for users
 POR_BUTTON 1  reset key
 WAKE UP 1  wake up key
 ON/ OFF 1  power switch, keep pressing to switch on or off
 Boot 1  DIP switch, for booting mode options, presently only available for internal TF, QSPI NOR Flash booting mode
 PWM 1  headers with pitch of 2.54mm 
 ADC 1  multiplexed with CAN, jumper cap turnt to left(21, 22) to choose ADC mode
 IIC 1  Camera, WM8960, EEPROM, RTC, IIC address not conflict by default, and could be used together
 CAN 1  CAN2.0B, DG128-2P connector, multiplexed with ADC, P14 turnt to right(22, 23) to choose CAN TX
 CAN FD 1  CAN FD, multiplexed with CAN2, DG128-2P connector
 SPI 1  10P header with pitch of 2.0mm, multiplexed with TF card
 UART 1  3-wire serial, 3.3V, each up to 5.0Mbps, 10P header with pitch of 2.54mm
 IIS 1  WM8960
 UART Debug 1  RS232, DB9 connector
 SWD 1  debug port, P13, 4P header with pitch of 2.54mm


FET1061-S VS FET1052-C
 Model FET1061-S FET1052-C
 Processor i.MX RT1061 i.MX RT1052
 SD/ MMC/ SDIO ≤2 ≤2
 USB 2 2
 SAI ≤2 ≤3
 SPDIF 1 1
 UART ≤7 ≤8
 eCSPI ≤3 ≤4
 IIC ≤4 ≤4
 Ethernet ≤2 ≤1
 PWM ≤26 ≤32
 SWD supported supported
 Keypad supported supported
 QSPI 1 2
 CAN ≤2 ≤2
 ADC ≤10 ≤20
 CANFD 1 -
 HS_GPIO 32 -
 LCD - 1
 Camera - 1
 \boards\evkbimxrt1060\driver_examples  \boards\evkbimxrt1060\demo_apps
 ADC  helloworld
 adc_etc:adc  hello_world_virtual_com
 Bee  led_blinky
 Cache  power_mode_switch
 CMP  sai
 DCP  shell
 Edma  uart_gprs
 ENC  xbar_aoi
 Enet  \boards\evkmimxrt1060\lwip_examples
 CANFD  lwip_httpsrv
 Flexcan  lwip_iperf
 FlexIO  lwip_ping
 FlexIO3  lwip_ping_enet1_enet2
 FlexRAM  lwip_tcpecho
 FlexSPI  lwip_tcpecho_enet1_enet2
 GPIO: LED flare  lwip_udpecho
 GPT  lwip_udpecho_enet1_enet2
 Kpp  \boards\evkmimxrt1060\rtos_examples
 lpi2c(RTC, EEPFOM)  freertos_event
 lpspi  freertos_generic
 lpuart(UART2)  freertos_hello
 PIT  freertos_lpi2c_eeprom
 FlexPWM  freertos_lpuart
 qtmr  freertos_mutex
 rtwdog  freertos_queue
 SAI  freertos_sem
 SD Card  freertos_sem_static
 SNVS  freertos_swtimer
 SRC  freertos_tickless
 tempmon  \boards\evkmimxrt1060\usb_examples
 trng  usb_device_hid_mouse
 wdog  usb_host_hid_mouse
 ewm  usb_host_hid_mouse_keyboard
 boards\evkmimxrt1060\fatfs_examples  fatfs_sdcard

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