WIFI Module

Product model: FIT-WIFI

Product interface: SDIO

Product features:

WIFI Module_RTL8189ES
Product Name SDIO WIFI module
Model 1. FIT-WIFI-II_RTL8189ES(6410)2. FIT-WIFI-II_RTL8189ES(210\335x)
Chipset RTL8189ES
Interface Type SDIO
Standard IEEE802.11b/g
Transmission Rate 54Mbps
RF 15dBm(maximum)
Range 2.4~2.483 5GHz
Voltage Input 5V
Distance indoor up to 50 meters and outdoor up to 150 meter(depends on environment)
Indicator blue LED indicator
Applicable Single Board Computer
Single Board Computer OS
OKMX6UL-C Linux3.14.38
OK335xD Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS can be supported by SoM but can not by carrier board
OK335xS-II Linux3.2
OK5718-C Linux4.9.41
OK4418-C Linux3.4.39, Android5.1.1
OK6818-C Linux3.4.39, Android5.1.1
OK210 Linux2.6.35.7, Android4.0/2.3
OK6410 Linux3.01
Packing List
1x SDIO WIFI module

SDIO WIFI 模块_WM-G-MR-09技术参数
产品名称 SDIO WIFI模块
规格型号 1、FIT-WIFI-Ⅱ_WM-G-MR-09 V1.0(210、335专用) 2、FIT-WIFI-SDIO 6410(6410专用)
芯片型号 WM-G-MR-09
接口类型 SDIO(1bit/4bit)
网络标准 IEEE802.11b/g
数据传输率 54Mbps
功耗 休眠状态 0.6mA
接收数据 170mA
发送数据 265mA
状态指示 蓝色LED状态指示灯
安全性能 WEP64/128bit,AES,TKIP,WPA,WPA2,CCXV1,V2
支持开发板 支持系统
OK210 WinCE6.0
OK6410 WinCE6.0、Android2.3.4


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