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Forlinx Released RTOS Linux-RT Preempt to AM335x ARM Board

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As we all know that RTOS (Real-time Operating System) has been widely used in applications about industrial automation, communication, automative electronics, aeronautics and astronautics, military, rail transit, commercial electronics, etc. Different with OS for PC, there are many options about embedded RTOS, such as VxWorks, QNX, RT-Thread and SylixOS, etc., they are all with excellent performance of RTOS, but also very extreme authority royalties. To take it more convenient for users' demand for both Linux and real time application, Forlinx installed related patch Preempt to AM335x ARM board with Linux. 

As original supplier of AM335x processor, TI official also released a free RTOS version for users' self-installing, but some users may have problem with the installation and driver programming, and could not get direct technical consulting and supporting.

Considering all the above inconvenience, Forlinx ported and released Linux RT-Preempt on our TI AM3354 based ARM board, all of Forlinx AM335xD product users could get this RTOS image free and related after-sale technical supporting. Forlinx Linux RT-Preempt has below features:

1. Event-driven-switches tasks only when an event of higher priority needs servicing

2. Quick tasks switchingand and delaying, tested 500μs tor task switching and 100μs for task delay under loaded mode.

3. POSIX standard real-time task function with wide universality, strong portablity and high compatibility

4. Available for QT4.8.6 for users' development

5. Image could be flashed to board same as OS Linux

6. System boooting time shorten to 15 seconds 

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