OK5718-C2 Single Board Computer(TI Sitara AM5718 SoC)

CPU: AM5718


Frequency: 1.5GHz



System: Linux4.9.41+QT5.6+Wayland

TI Sitara AM5718 based  Single Board Computer OK5718-C2 

OK5718-C2 is a development board/single board computer designed based on SoM FET5718-C, it consists of carrier board and SoM (system on module) and has below features

ARM Cortex -A15, frequency up to 1. 5GHz;

DSP C66x with frequency of 750MHz

2x dul-core ARM Cortex -M4 with frequency of 213MHz;

2x dual-core PRU with frequency of 200MHz;

High-speed transmission interfaces like USB 3.0, PCIe 3.0, HDMI 1.4, UART*10, QSPI*1, CAN*2, Gagibit Ethernet*2 are available and also

powerful multi-media performance, wide range of applications;

OS options: Linux 4.9.41 + QT5.6, TI-RTOS;

12-layer EINT PCB designing;

the development board consists of carrier board and SoM, and the carrier board designed with 4-layer PCB and SoM with 12-layer PCB;

carrier board dimensions of 130*190mm, and connector hight between SoM and carrier board is just 2mm

SoM with 320 pins that all functions of CPU are available;

Industrial grade temp width: -40℃ to +85℃

AM5718 system on module

Demos including command line and QT demos such as OpenCV, OpenCL, OpenGL demos, and also DSP and PRU environment build up and development demos
can support quad-screen, three LCD and one HDMI Can be used in machine vision application two MIPI CSI edge computing facial recognition EtherCAT AM5718 development board

Hardware Features

Overview of FET5718-C System on Module
CPU TI Sitara AM5718
Architecture Cortex-A15-1.5GHz DSP-C66X-750MHZ 2xDual Cortex-M4-213MHz
2xDual-Core PRU-200MHz PowerVR SGX544 3D GPU Vivante GC320  2D GPU
RAM 1GB DDR3L Flash/ Storage 8GB eMMC
Dimensions 50*70mm Pakcage board to board connector
PMU TPS659162RGZR Voltage Input 5V
Working Temp Width -40℃~+85℃ RH 10-90%RH non-condensing
OS Linux4.9.41+ QT5.6+Wayland

FET5718-C System on Module Features
Peripheral QTY Spec.
LCD ≤3 GB888 24-bit

HDMI 1.4a, 1080P@60Hz;

36-bit RGB display;

HDCP 1.4 encryption;

Deep color mode (10-bit, 12-bit color depth are both supported by pixel clock of 148.5MHz)


2x 8-bit DVP, up to 5.0MP

2x 8/ 16/ 24-bit DVP


CSI-2_PHY1: 1 clock lane+ 4 data lane

CSI2_PHY1: 1 clock lane+ 1 data lane

CSI2_PHY1: 1x clock lane+ 4x data lane  CSI2_PHY1: 1x clock lane+2x data lane


1-bit or 4-bit transferring mode is supported by SD and SDIO card with UHS-I SDR104 mode (up to 104MB/s)

SD/ MMC/ SDIO1: 4-bit data

SD/ MMC/ SDIO2: 8-bit data (used as eMMC on SoM)

SD/ MMC/ SDIO3: 8-bit data

SD/ MMC/ SDIO4: 4-bit data

IIC ≤5

IIC1/ 2: up to 400Kbps, standard OD

IIC3/ 4/ 5: up to 3.4Mbps, analogy OD

HDQ1W ≤1

Support TI/ Benchmarq HDQ master device function

Comply with Dallas 1-Wire protocol

UART ≤10

can support 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 data bits, parity bit, 1, 1.5, 2 stop bits

UART1: full serial interface is supported

UART3: IrDA 1.4, CIR are supported

others are standard interface

SPI ≤4

up to 4x SPI, each with up to 4 master channel


work as master mode only

6 signal pins

McASP ≤8

supports 8-ch audio at most

McASP1/2: up to 16 separate TX/ RX channel

McASP3-8: up to 4 separate TX/ RX channel

USB3.0 ≤1

super speed USB3.0 Dual-Role-Device, Host is supported

USB2.0 1

high-speed USB 2.0 Dual-Role-Device, Host is supported

PCIe ≤2

PCI Express 3.0 subsystem, with 2x 5-Gbps channel

1x Dual-channel interface with GEN2 standard, 2x Single-channel intgerface with Gen2 standard

CAN ≤2

two CAN controller at most, complys with CAN2.0 protocol

Ethernet ≤2

3-port gigabit ethernet switch subsystem provides ethernet packet communication and can be configured as an ethernet switch. It provides two network ports and available for RGMII/ RMII/ MII interface, 10M/ 100M/ 1000M adaptive


supports up to 3x PWMSS, each is available for:

eHRPWM: 16-bit timer, up to 2 separate PWM output

eCAP: 32-bit timer, one channel is special for input capture pin

eQEP: rotating decode unit

JTAG supported standard IEEE1149.1
KeyPad Port supported 9*9 keyboard

8-bit/ 16-bit data bus width

up to 28-bit address bus

up to 8-bit chip selection bus

OK5718-C2 Single Board Features
Peripheral QTY Spec.

RGB 888, supports reolution up to 1920*1080 (60Hz)


HDMI V1.4, up to 1080P 60FPS


MIPI OV5640, MIPI OV5645

Audio 1 1*MIC, 1*Phone
USB Host 2

expended by HUB, USB 2.0 (up to 480Mbps)

USB3.0 1 up to 5Gbps
Ethernet 1 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation, RJ45 connector
WiFi 1

RL-UM02WBS-8723BU-V1.2  IEEE 802.11b/g/n 1T1R WLAN and Bluetooth

Bluetooth 1
SD Card 1 compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC(UHS-I)

drawn out by 20-pin heards with pitch of 2mm, multiplexed with SD card


for user's definition

QSPI 1 on-board 256Mb QSPI NOR FLASH



IIC1: LCD(P8);

IIC3: WM8960, LCD(P7), MIPI OV5645

IIC5: LCD(P20), mini PCIe, RTC, MIPI OV5640

CAN 1 CAN 2.0B
UART Debug 1

RS232, DB9 connector

JTAG Debug 1
RS485 1


RX8010SJ, IIC5

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Hardware Manual: OK5718-C2 Hardware Manual

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