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  • Name: Vending Kiosks Control Unit
  • Model: FCU1401
  • CPU: Samsung S5P4418
  • Architecture: Cortex-A9
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3
  • Flash: 8GB eMMC
  • Main Frequency: 1.4GHz
  • OS: Android


FCU 1401 is an embedded computer was designed based on S5P4418 specially for self-service terminal, vending machine, advertising
machine, HMI terminals, etc. It’s s high integrated embedded computer with display, communication, controlling functions all-in-one.
This item is with frequency of 1.4GHz that makes it excellent Android OS performance and available for displaying with resolution of
1080P that takes users ultimate HMI experience. What’s more, interfaces such as 4G, WIFI, Ethernet, UART, USB and audio are all
ready-to-use, which will shorten your time for product development.
OS Android 5.1.1 and Linux 3.4.9 are available
The S5P4418 is a quad core processor with frequency of 1.5GHz and excellent software performance of optimizated Android 5.1.1 and Linux QT5.6.
Dual-display takes supurior HMI experence
HDMI and LVDS interfaces are both available to support high definition touch panel sized from 7'' to 55'' with resolution of 1080P,dual displays,
Variable but stable performance networking mode optional 
4G, WIFI, Ethernet are all supported
Multi-functional interfaces ready-to-use
HD camera is supported with monitoring and recording functions to guarantee device security, and 8-ch UART are available to communicate with microcontrollers, which make it convenient for equipment cluster management.
Humanized design
Multiple practical expanding functions
Hardware watchdog, timing switch, remote monitoring, custom boot Logo, unique device ID, system and application remote updating are all supported.
Overview of pin diagram
Quintuple protection design to escort stability
Main components designed with isolated and over-voltage protection solution and tested by electrostatic discharge, transients and surging interferences.
FCU1401 embedded computer could be widely used in applications like vending kiosks, express cabinet, self-service terminal, IoT, multi-media displaying, digital signature, access control, etc.
Hardware Features
CPU  S5P4418/ S5P6818, 1.4GHz
Flash  8GB eMMC
OS  Android5.1, Linux+QT5.6
HDMI  1-ch, 1920*1080P, screen rotating is supported
LVDS  1-ch, 1920*1080P, screen rotating is supported
USH Host  4-ch, for touch panel, ESD±6KV
Ethernet  1-ch, 1000Mbps, ESD±6KV
WIFI  IEEE 802.11b\ g\ n (optional)
4G  Supported (optional)
UART  8x RS232 (one is multiplexed with RS485, one is multiplexed with RS422), EFT±1KV, ESD±6KV, Surge 2KV
Audio  MIC input, dual track earphone output
Buzzer  1-ch
Key  1-ch, for users' defination
TF card  1-ch, for external storage expanding
Temp sensor  1-ch, CPU temp monitoring
USB OTG  1-ch
RTC  1-ch, timing switch is supported
Indicator  4-ch, status indicator
Watchdog  Hardware watchdog
Power input  9V to 36V input with over-voltage and anti-reverse connecting protection, EFT±2KV, ESD±6KV, Surge 2KV
Power output  9V to 36V output 
Working temp  -20℃ to +70℃
Storage temp  -40℃ to +125℃
Operating humidity  10% to 90%
Storage humidity  1% to 95%