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  • Name: AM335x Embedded Computer for Dynamic Environment Monitoring System
  • Model: FCU1301
  • CPU:
  • Architecture:
  • RAM:
  • Flash:
  • Main Frequency:
  • OS:


FCU1301 is an embedded computer designed specially for dynamic environment monitoring system, IoT for data collecting.

It consists of SoM and carrier board, it's designed based on SoM FET335xD which has been widely used in medical, electronical, rail transit, industrial control, etc.

Optimized connector layout makes it's very convenient to be integrated into 1U, meanwhile it's preserved with expanded connectors for WIFI, GPRS and 4G modules,its has below features:

 Power input from 9V to 36V, designed with main power, back-up power and Li-battery;

 Dual Ethernet designed with isolated solution;

 8x RS485, which can be multiplexed with RS232, also designed with isolated solution;

 12x DI, dry contact input, designed with isolated solution;

 4x DO, relay output, contact capacity 5A 250VAC, 5V 30VDC;

 2x CAN, designed with isolated solution;

 2x USB Host,for expanding usage;

 WIFI STA and AP double moding supported (optional);

 GPRS, 4G are both supported and optional

 Available for external storage expanding           


FCU1301 Embedded Computer   

   Applicable for dynamic environment monitoring, power data acquisition, intelligent building, smart transportation, industrial informationization,IoT, etc.

Diagram Overview

 CPU  TI AM3354 Sitara ARM Cortex-A8, 800MHz
 RAM  512MB
 Flash  1GB NAND Flash
 Expanded Storage  standard SD card slot
 Mobile Communication

 Interface: mini PCI-E, standard on-board SIM card slot, extrapolation connecting

 Recommended module: ME909S-821

 Function: China mobile 4G/ 3G/ 2G, China Union 4G/ 3G/ 2G, China Telecom: 4G


 4x 220V/ 5A

 Relay isolated output

 Connector: connector with pitch of 3.81


 12x DI, dry contact input, optical and power isolated

 connector: connector with pitch of 3.81 

 WIFI  USB WIFI, both STA and AP modings are supported

 9x UART

 8x RS232/ RS485 (multiplexed)

 1x Debug

 USB Host

 2x USB Host

 Connector: standard USB A connector for U-disk


 2x CAN

 Spec.: CAN-0: CAN2.0B, 125/ 250kbps

      CAN-1: CAN2.0B, 125/ 250kbps


 2x Ethernet, 10M/ 100M

 Connector: RJ45

 Spec.: RJ45-01: 10/ 100M, for connecting with upper system

 Audio  None, on-board buzzer with GPIO interface


 on-board RS232 cell botton

 Power Input

 Input voltage: DC12V

 Input range: DC9V to DC36V, designed with reverse connection protection


 1) power indicator

 2) status indicator

 Reset  System reset
 Boot Switch  Available for NAND Flash and SD card modes
 Dimensions  240x 296mm
 Installation  Installed and fixed by screws

 RH: 5% to 95%, non-condensing

 Working: -40℃ to +70℃

 Storage: -40℃ to +85℃



 Software Version  Kernel: Linux-3.2.0

 GCC: 4.5.3

 QT: 4.8.5

 Driver  NIC
 Flash ECC verifying
 NAND Flash
 UBI file system
 SD card


 4G module