FCU1101丨Smart Parking Application

 1. Generally it may involves in below requirements in Parking 

Parking, including space query, nevigation and space booking; 

Diverse payment methods

 2. Solution 

Smart parking solution contains LoRa based geomagnetic vehicle detector, roadside POS, close device, doorway barrier, doorway camera system, traffic signs and smart parking cloud.  

■    Low power LoRa, built-in antenna for long distance signal sending and receiving, can collect geomagnetic detector, close device and plate information collected by camera. ;

■    The monitoring terminal is dust-free, water-proof and anti-tamper;

■   Standard protocols, excellent interoperability.

The hardware solution can be designed based on Forlinx FCU1101 for below purpose

■  Ethernet, parking server(4G is also available); 

■  4G, for communication with cloud and APP on PC; 

■   RS485, for peripherals such as instrumentation, sensor and other related devices;

■  LoRa, monitoring distance between geomegnetic and gateway; 

■  It's ready-to-use but no need further development.

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