Technical support coverage

1. The company's products, hardware and software resources to provide information consulting.
2. Problems encountered in the use of the software and hardware manual of the company's products.
3. The company provides OEM, ODM after-sales technical support.
4. The data of users who have purchased the company's products are lost, updated and retrieved again.
5. The company's product fault judgment and after-sales maintenance services.

Technical negotiable

1. Source code modification and understanding.
2. Application development issues.
3. How to port an operating system.
4. Hardware and software problems encountered by users in self-modification and development.

Technical support

1. Phone:+86-312-3119192(Chinese mainland users)
2. Email:[email protected][email protected]
send emails to technical support engineers and meanwhile CC to related sales person.

Technical support time

Monday to Friday: AM 9:00—11:30,PM 13:30—17:00
The company will arrange rest in accordance with national statutory holidays, during which it cannot provide technical support. If you have any questions, please send email or forum technical support area, we will reply to you as soon as possible on weekdays.


Forlinx product related technical files will be provided by dropbox, please contact the counterpart to get files download link after buying.