Quality Assurance

We clearly understand the importance of a system on module(SoM) works as a critical part in the whole device. All of our materials are selected and from global famous components suppliers to guarantee a stable supplying chain, and meanwhile, strictly  execute IQC, IPQC and OQC according to ISO9001 to make sure all of items out of our factory 100% fully in good condition

High-accuracy auto reflow oven

High-low temperature aging

Walking-in constant temperature aging house

Generic visual SMT machine



SoM PCB designed with 8 layers or 12 layers in fully considering of signal integrity and immunity. Advanced craft and high severity ensure the PCB a longer lifespan.


Panasonic CM602/ CM212/ NPM high speed and accuracy SMT machine, technical AOI and full-function testing to ensure product quality.


All items should be aged for 24 hours and fully tested before out of the factory.

04.Special tooling

All testing tools are unique customed and operated by appointed engineers.