How to update Android firmware OTA for OKT507-C

Part 1 Compile OTA update pack
Compile firmware

  • Configure the compiling environment
get into source code directory to execute below command
$ cd OK T507-android-source/longan
$./ config
Input 0 on hyper terminal to choose Android
$ cd /work/OKT507-android-source/android
$ source build/
$ lunch okt507_c-userdebug

  • Fully compile
cd /work/OKT507-android-source/longan
$ ./
$ cd /work/OKT507-android-source/android
$ extract-bsp
$ make installclean
$ make –j4

the compiled image will be saved to out/target/product/okt507-c

  • Pack the image
$ pack
the packed image is longan/out/t507_android10_okt507_uart0.img

Compile full pack and differential pack of OTA
$ pack4dist

  • Target pack

  • Full updating pack

The target pack is a basic source to make incremental pack, and it should be saved together with firmware to generate OTA pack.

Generate complete pack separatly by below command

Generate differential pack separatly by below command
$./build/tools/releasetools/ota_from_target_files -i

Note: is a basic version target pack to be upgraded, is the current target pack, is the differential pack.

Part 2 Upgrade firmware by OTA pack
Use complete pack for fully upgrading and use differential pack for incremental upgrading, rename the target upgrading pack to

Upgrade by TF card or U-disk

Select as Settings-> system-> advanced-> local upgrade
Choose OTA updating, will be scanned
Click and it will indicates verifying whether can be installed, after that, click start install
It will show verifying, process the installation pack and restart on interface, and then it will start reconvery, and system will restart after updating, OTA updating is finished.

Update by ADB
Copy to PC, here we suppose to put it to root directory of F-disk
Execute below command by CMD on PC, the board will restart and get into recovery mode
adb reboot recovery
Choose Apply update from ADB by volume control keys on development board
then execute below command on PC
adb sideload F:\
it will start updating
Once it's finished, it will indicates below information
Install from ADB completed with status 0
Choose Reboot system now, and development board will restart, thus OTA updating is done