Communication Modules

5G Convert Module FIT-5G+A

FIT-5G +A 5G Convert Module FIT-5G+A is a 5G convert module which can be used on single board computer/ development board, or PC, it can support Huawei Brand MHMH5000-31 M.2, Quectel RM500Q and Fibocom FM150 5G wireless module, the module is s

3G Wireless Module

Model: FIT-3G-AD3812FIT-3G-MF210;
Data Transmission Rate: download rate up to 7.2Mbps, upload rate up to 2Mbps;
Function: access to internet, SMS, AT command.

WIFI Module

WIFI Module_RTL8189ESProduct NameSDIO WIFI moduleModel1. FIT-WIFI-II_RTL8189ES(6410)2. FIT-WIFI-II_RTL8189ES(210\335x)

Beidou & GPS Module

4G Wireless Module