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  • Application:
  • Platform: Cortex-M7
  • RAM: 16MB/32MB SDRAM
  • Flash: 4MB/16MB QSPI NOR Flash
  • OS: Bare metal/ uCLinux/ Free RTOS/ RT Thread


FDU070S-R01 is an all-in-one tablet or mini PC designed by Forlinx based on SoM FET1052-C which is based on NXP Cortex-M7 featuring processor i.MX RT1052. It operates at speeds up to 528MHz to provide high CPU performance and best real-time response. The i.MX RT1052 processor has 512 KB on-chip RAM,which can be flexibly configured as TCM or general-purpose on-chip RAM. 16MB/ 32MB SDRAM, 4MB/ 16MB QSPI-NorFlash are optional.It's integrated with peripherals such as RS485, RS422, RS232, CAN, USB, Ethernet, TF card, 2Kbit eeprom, 64Mbit QSPI NOR Flash, RTC, speaker and buzzer which are all ready-to-use. The display is a 7'' LCD with resolution of 1024x 600.

Here below please check hardware features of the tablet.

Interface Spec.                                
 CPU  NXP i.MXRT1052, ARM COrtex-M7@ 528MHz 
 SDRAM  16MB/ 32MB optional
 Flash  4MB/ 16MB QSPI NOR Flash
 Ethernet  1-ch, 10M/ 100Mbps
 RS485  1-ch, 1.5KV isolated, ESD 4-class
 RS422  1-ch, 1.5KV isolated, ESD 4-class
 RS232  1-ch, ESD 4-class
 CAN  1-ch, 1.5KV isolated, ESD 4-class
 USB  1-ch, ESD 4-class
 TF Card  up to 50Mbps
 RTC  power cut off latency
 EEPROM  2Kbit
 QSPI NOR Flash  64Mbit
 Speaker  1-ch, can support 1W8Ω speaker output
 Buzzer  1-ch
 Reset Key  1-ch, for system reset
 Boot Key  1-ch, works together with reset key for firmware updates, or used as user keys
 Power IN  main power input DC 12V, designed with anti-reverse and onver-current protection
 Work Environment

 RH: 5%~ 95% none condensing

 Working temp: -20℃~ +70℃

 Storage: -20℃~ +85℃

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