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Overview of Forlinx OK335x Series Single Board Computer

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TI Sitara Instruments broke in to ARM embedded territery by launching AM335x series microcontroller belongs to ARM Cortex-A8 architecture in year of 2011. At the beginning, few users knew it compared with S3C2440, S3C6410 from Samsung who took mostly market share in the embedded industry. All is not gold that glitters, but gold will glitter forever. AM335x was approved to be an excellent product family by market. So far, Forlinx AM335x based single board computers and CPU modules/SoM having been widely used in industrial controal, medical, communication, IoT (Internet of Things), power industry, smart home, robotic all walks of life. Here let's have a look at its features.

1. products serilazition: AM3359, AM3358, AM3357, AM3356, AM3354 and AM3352 consist of AM335x microprocessor product family, and AM3354 is applied in OK335xD, OK335xS and OK335xS-II to meet users' different demand;

2. Full technical information from TI, users could download all related information free from TI URL, and Forlinx provide necessary after-sale technical support to their single board computer/CPU moudle users;

3. OS Linux, Win CE, Android and StarterWare are all supported;

5. Forlinx all AM335x based products are with industrial grade MCU with stable and excellent performance;

As an IDH and critical cooperator of TI Offical in China Mainland, Forlinx aims at providing users best products, solutions and service. More than 40 thousand pcs of AM335x CPU modules/SoMs have been distributed to market, especially OK335xD has been used in EV charger billing units while OK335xS-II is more prefered by some robotic developers.

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