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  • Name: T3 System on Module
  • Model: FETT3-C
  • CPU: Allwinner T3
  • Architecture: Cortex-A7
  • RAM: 1GB/2GB DDR3L
  • Flash: 8GB eMMC
  • Main Frequency: 1.2GHz
  • OS: Linux, Android


FETT3-C is a system on module (SoM) designed based on Allwinner Cortex-A7 quad-core in car entertainment navigation system processor T3@ 1.2GHz, it has built-in GPU Mali400MP2, and has on-board 1GB DDR3L and 8GB eMMC. The whole board is designed with industrial grade temp width, can it can support most video and image decoding forms. Supported with OS Android and Linux, excellent industrial grade product performance, low power and wide range of peripheral sources make it perferable in applications in car electronics, power industry, medical, industry control, IoT and many other intelligent devices.It has below features

 Cortex-A7 quad-core in car entertainment navigation system processor T3@ 1.2GHz with built-in Mali400MP2 GPU;

 Can support dual-screen with same or different display, RGB/ MIPI/ dual 8-bit LVDS/ HDMI/ TV out interfaces are all supported up to 1920x 1080@ 60FPS;

 Has a Gigabit and a fast Ethernet ports on board, supports WIFI/ BT4.0 and 4G wireless network;

 Supports multiple cameras input, two DVP camera interfaces up to 5.0MP, four TVIN interfaces available for NTSC and PAL standards;  

 Built in Audio Codec, can support one differential PHONEOUT, one stereo earphone output and one microphone input;

 A wide range of peripheral interfaces: UARTx 8, SDx 4, nUSBx 3, SPIx 4, IICx 5, SATA and PWMx 8;

 Supports Android7.0 and Linux3.10 (QT5.9) systems.



FETT3-C Basic Information
 CPU  Allwinner T3 (quad-core)  Architecture  ARM Cortex-A7
 Frequency  1.2GHz  OS  Linux3.10, QT5.9
 RAM  1GB/ 2GB DDR3L  Flash   8GB eMMC
 Dimmensions  68x 45mm  Package  board-to-board connector
 PMU  AXP221S  Voltage Input  DC4.2V
 Working Temp  

 Industrial: -40℃ to +85℃

 Expand commercial: -25℃ to +85℃

 Relative Humidity  10-90% non-condensing


FETT3-C Hardware Feature
 Peripheral QTY  Spec.
 LCD ≤2  RGB888, up to 1920x 1080@ 60FPS

 HDMI1.4, 1080P@ 60FPS

 HDCP1.2 encryption

 LVDS 1  two 8-bit data lanes, two clock lanes, up to 1920x 1080@ 60FPS
 MIPI_DSITBD 1  MIPI DSI V1.01& MIPI D-PHY V1.00, 4 data lanes, up to 1080P@ 60FPS
 TVOUT 4  4 CVBS output channels, supports NTSC and PAL
 Camera ≤2

 CSI0: one 8/ 16-bit DVP, up to 5.0MP, 1080P@ 30FPS

 CSI1: one 8/ 16/ 24-bit DVP, up to 5.0MP, 720P@ 30FPS

 TVIN 4  4 CVBS input channels, supports NTSC and PAL

 SD/ SDIO 1-bit or 4-bit transfer modes up to 50MHz

 SD/ MMC/ SDIO0: 4-bit data bus(for system image flashing)

 SD/ MMC/ SDIO1: 4-bit data bus

 SD/ MMC/ SDIO2: 8-bit data bus(for eMMC)

 SD/ MMC/ SDIO3: 4-bit data bus

 USB Host 2  USB2.0 (up to 480Mbps)
 USB OTG 1  USB2.0 (up to 480Mbps)
 IIS/ PCM ≤2  up to two IIS audio
 Audio Codec 1  1-ch differential PHONEOUT, 1-ch stereo earphone output, 1-ch MIC, 1-ch LineIN
 UART ≤8

 Each up to 115200

 UART0: 3-wire, debug

 UART1: 8-wire

 UART2/ UART3: 5-wire

 UART4/ UART5/ UART6/ UART7: 3-wire

 SPI ≤4  Full duplex serial interface, maximum clock frequency 100MHz, it can be configured to be master or slave mode, two chip selections for multiple peripherals
 IIC ≤5  Up to 400Kbps
 Ethernet ≤2

 1x 10/ 100Mbps

 1x 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps

 PWM ≤8  PWM output and capture input are both supported
 JTAG supported  
 Keypad supported  8x 8
 KeyADC ≤2  6-bit, 2 channels, input voltage 0-2V, for analogy key detection, transfer rate up to 250Hz
 SMCTBD ≤2  ISO/ IEC 7816-3: 1997(E) and EMV2000(4.0)
 CIR ≤2  
 SATATBD 1  Up to 3.0Gbps
OS Linux
 Cross-compiler  arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc 5.3.1
 OS Image Flashing  Flash OS image by SD card  Flash OS image by USB  
 Kernel Driver  Version: Linux3.10  LCD backlight driver, 255 adjustable
 EXT/ NFS/ VFAT file system forms are supported  LCD driver(7'') 1024x 600         
 eMMC  USB host: U-disk, USB hub, USB keyboard or mouse
 Watchdog  USB device
 RTC  TF/ SD/ MMC card
 User key  Soc sound card 
 SPI  Ethernet
 Camera OV5640  USB to UART
 PWM  HDMI 1080P@ 60Hz
 CVBS(4 analogy cameras input)  TVOUT
 Capacitive touching  LVDS (1280x 800)
 Testing App  WIFI settings  SDIO WIFI STA
 USB WIFI STA/ AP  USB flashing
 Telnet  IP settings
 SSHD server/ SFTP server  Watchdog
 VSFTPD FTP server  Display backlight adjusting
 Web server-boa  Key testing
 4G wireless network  Touching
 SPI  Audio record and playback
 UART  Hardware decode for video playing 
 TTL to RS232/ RS485  UVC camera tool
 4 analogy cameras preview test  Camera OV5640
 RTC  CPU frequency modulation
 TVOUT  HDMI output
 QT5.9 lib  QT5.9 OpenGL ES lib
 Hardware encode lib, decode lib  Hard flot point compiler
 GDB  ADB shell login