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  • Name: Low Power iMX6UL Cortex-A7 Linux ARM Board for IoT Gateway Solution
  • Model: OKMX6UL-C2
  • CPU: i.MX6Ultra Lite
  • Architecture: Cortex-A7
  • RAM: 256M DDR2
  • Flash: 256M SLC NandFlash
  • Main Frequency: 528MHz
  • OS: Linux


OKMX6UL-C2 carrier board is available for both a commercial grade CPU module and an industrial grade CPU module, the whole board size is only 100mm x 73mm, on-board LCD, Ethernet, USB host/OTG, RTC, SD card, LED are all available. 41x GPIO pinned out by dual-row pin connectors with pitch of 2.54mm, which is very convenient for usrs to flash OS and test the board to finish their evaluation.

Compact size and flexible combination

CPU module: 40mm*50mm, 6-layer EING PCB design, a couple of board-to-board connectors to avoid mispluging

Industrial grade design

The board is integrated with industrial grade components which were all strictly tested to be working stably in environment temp ranges from -40℃ to +85℃

Media player and digital camera

On-board IIS interface and WM8960 audio chip for music playing and digital camera OV9650 for video recording

Double security protection

1. CPU is with secure startup and anti stealing mechanism to avoid personal information leakage by Malicious Trojan Virus

2. A thirty party certified ISO7816 interface to guarantee transaction security

FETMX6UL-C2 CPU Module Features
 CPU  NXP (Freescale) i.MX6UL  CAN  2-ch
 Architecture  Cortex-A7  USB  2-ch
 Main Frequency  528MHz  SD/MMC/SDIO  2-ch
 RAM  256M LvDDR3  Ethernet  2-ch, 10/100/1000M
 Flash  256MB NAND Flash  UART/IrDA  8-ch
 Working Voltage  5V  EINT/GPIO  supported
 GPU  PXP  Video Codec  Software codec
 Dimension  50mm * 40mm  EBI  supported
 Connection Type  board-to-board connectors  JTAG  Supported
 OS  Linux 3.14.38  Camera  1-ch, 5M parallel camera
 LCD  RGB888  PWM  8-ch
 Audio  3-ch  ADC  10-ch
 I2C  4-ch  ISO7816-3  2-ch
 SPI  4-ch  Keypad   8*8
 QSPI  1-ch  SPDIF  1-ch


OKMX6UL-C2 Carrier Board Features
 LCD  1-ch, RGB 565  PWM  1-ch, for LCD backlight
 USB Host  1-ch, USB 2.0  ADC  4-ch, for resitive touching
 USB OTG  1-ch, USB2.0  UART  4-ch (2x 5-wire, 2x 3-wire)
 Ethernet  1-ch, 10/100Mbps, RJ-45  UART Debug  1-ch, DB9
 SD Card  1-ch, SD/SDHC/SDXC(UHS-I)  JTAG Debug  1-ch
 LED  4-ch  GPIO  Supported
 Reset  1-ch  Power Supply  5V
 RTC  Supported  DIP  boot mode selection