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  • Name: AM5718 Development Board Cortex-A15 + M4 + DSP + PRU
  • Model: OK5718-C
  • CPU: TI AM5718
  • Architecture: Cortex-A15+M4+DAP+PRU
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3L
  • Flash: 8GB eMMC
  • Main Frequency: Cortex-A15: 1.5GHz, DSP: 750MHz, Cortex-M4: 213MHz, PRU: 200MHz
  • OS: Linux3.9.41+ QT5.6+Waylan


OK5718-C is a development board designed based on TI AM5718 processor, it consists of carrier board and SoM (system on module) and has below features

 ARM Cortex-A15, frequency up to 1.5GHz;

 DSP C66x with frequency of 750MHz

 2x dul-core ARM Cortex-M4 with frequency of 213MHz;

 2x dual-core PRU with frequency of 200MHz;

 High-speed transmission interfaces like USB 3.0, PCIe 3.0, HDMI 1.4, UART*10, QSPI*1, CAN*2, Gagibit Ethernet*2 are available and also

  powerful multi-media performance, wide range of applications;

 OS options: Linux 4.9.41 + QT5.6, TI-RTOS;

 12-layer EINT PCB designing;

 the development board consists of carrier board and SoM, and the carrier board designed with 4-layer PCB and SoM with 12-layer PCB;

★   carrier board dimensions of 130*190mm, and connector hight between SoM and carrier board is just 2mm

 SoM with 320 pins that all functions of CPU are available;

 Industrial grade temp width: -40℃ to +85℃

Pin Diagrams Overview

Availabe Demos

Demos of OK5718-C

Forlinx Demo















ARM Function

 DDR Bandwidth

 Memory Latency




 Communication Bandwidth

 Communication Latency




 KMS Cube





 IVAHD H.264 Decode

 VIP VPE IVAHD MPEG4 Encode and Decode

 Audio Capture

 H.265(HEVC) Decode

 DSP C66 Image Processing

 AAC Decode


 IVAHD H.264 Encode


 Network Settings

 System Shutdown

 Task Info

 Refresh Matrix


 Atrix Shutdown

 System Info

Video Analytics Demo

 OpenCV+OpenCL+OpenGL Demo


 USB Nonnie

CPU Frequency Settings


Command Line Testing

System Information Exploring

 Key  testing

 Serial interface testing

 Watchdog testing

 WIFI testing

 Screenshot testing

 RTC testing

 Temp sensor testing

 CAN testing

 USB mouse testing

 USB 2.0

 USB 3.0

 HDMI testing

LCD Backlight Adjusting

 Camera testing

 SD card 

 Ethernet configuration


 Audio recording/ playing

 Sobel algorithms 

 Face detection






Hardware Codec Testing

Video Playing

 VPE for color space converting

 Gstreamer for color space converting and zooming

 Video shirinking

 Video enlarging

 Color space converting

Image Codec

 MJPEG decode

 MJPEG encode

Video Codec

 H.264 encode and decode

 MPEG4 encode and decode