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  • Name: S5P6818 Octa Core System on Module
  • Model: FET6818
  • CPU: S5P6818
  • Architecture: Cortex-A53
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3 (2G scalable)
  • Flash: 8GB eMMC
  • Main Frequency: 1.4GHz
  • OS: Android5.1.1, Linux3.4.39


SoM/CPU module FET6818 is a Cortex-A53 featuring octa core system on module. It is an RISC(32-bit) SoC-based starter kit featuring Samsung S5P6818. Its CPU is with main frequency of 1.4GHz. It has a powerful multi-media performance supporting 1080P hardware video codec and 3D graphical accelerator. RGB, HDMI, MIPI and LVDS display types are all available, what's more, DVP and MIPI cameras are both well supported. The CPU module is with 1GB DDR3, 8GB eMMC, dimensions of 60*45mm, it's connected to the carrier board by 4 ultra thin connectors with hight only 1.5mm to draw out mostly pins (320 pins). OS Android5.1, Linux 3.4.39 and QT4.8.6 and also QT5.6 are well supported. 

Applications: HMI, digital signage, portable device, medical, smart home, etc. 

Airy tiny appearance, make your design free 

Tiny SoM size: 60mm * 45mm and 8-layer ENIG PCB. Four connectors with each only 1.5mm high, for board-to-board connection between SoM and carrier board.

Unique design to avoid misplugging, and SoM designed with 4 positioning holes to allow it to run stably in viberating environment.

Rich BUS types, makes it expandable

The SoM is with pins 320 in total with all functional ports drawn out from CPU, supporting with 6x UART, 3z IIC, 3x SPI, 2x SD/MMC/SDIO, 3x IIS, 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 16-bit data bus and 14-bit address bus

Perfect compatible with S5P4418 and S5P6818 to let switching easy

Two CPUs share one SoM design since S5P4418 and S5P6818 pins are completely compatible, users could upgrade S5P4418 to S5P6818 on a same carrier board without any change.

Powerful multi-media peformance to make displaying different

 Supported with 3D graphical processor and video codec capability up to 1080P 

Different display types (RGB, LVDS, MIPI, HDMI, etc.) are all available, with resolution up to 2048*1280

Dual displays and cameras to take you brand new viewing experence

FETMX4418 CPU module supports two different types of displays with same or different viewings and picture in picture viewing

OS flashing via SD card, and OTA updating to make production maintenancen convenient


Excellent Li-battery power management system

The SoM FET4418 is with PUM chip for Li-battery power management which ready-to-use for users.

Dynamic frequency modulation to lower your product power consumption.


NO. Testing Item
Input voltage whole board current SoM current LCD brightness
booting instant peak value( ma) Stable value (ma) booting instant peak value(ma) stable value (ma)  
1 sleeping mode consumption 5V - 12 - 7  
2 whole board consumption testing (no LCD) 5V 1028 500 1116 400  
3 whole board consuption testing (with LCD) 5V 1167 760 805 433 5

OS supporting


CPU Module FET6818 Features
 CPU  S5P4418XCO-LA40  Architecture  ARM Cortex-A53
 Main Frequency  1.4GHz  Core   Octa-core
 RAM  1GB DDR3  Memory  8GB eMMC
 Dimensions  60*45mm  Connection Type  board-to-board connector
 PMU  NXE2000  Working Voltage  5V input
 Working Temp  0-70℃  Working Humidity  10%-90% none condensing
 OS  Android5.1.1, Linux3.4.39, QT4.8.6/ QT5.6


CPU Module Function Parameters
Function Number Parameters



 LCD 1 RGB 888, maximum resolution supporting: 2048*1280
 LVDS 1 supporting JEIDA and VESA output, 4x data channel, 1x clock channel, maximum resolution supporting: 2048*1280
 HDMI 1 HDMI 1.4, maximun resolution supporting: 1080*1920
 MIPI_DSI 1 MIPI DSI SPEC V1.01r11, up to 4x data channel, resolution up to 1920*1200
 Camera MPEG


8-bit parallel interface, pixel up to 5-Megapixel
MIPI_CSI1  1  D-PHY spec V1.00, pixel up to 5-Megapixel
 SD/MMC/SDIO 2 3-ch supported by CPU, and 2x SD/MMC drawn out by SoM, while the eMMC channel was not drawn out
 USB Host 1 USB2.0 host (rate up to 480Mbps), integrated with HS USB Phy
 USB OTG 1 USB2.0 OTG (rate up to 480Mbps), integrated with HS USB Phy
 UART 6 each transferring rate up to 5.0Mbps
 IIC 3 supporting 100kbit/s and 400kbit/s
 IIS 3

supporting up to 3x IIS

 SPI 3 supporting up to 2x SPI
 Ethernet 1 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive
 PWM 4 4x PWM output
 SPDIF 1 SPDIF interface
 ADC 7 12-bit resolution, maximum input frequency 100KHz, power input range: 0-1.8V
 EBI 1 Maximum data bus width: 16-bit, maximum address bus: 14-bit
 JTAG 1 standard JTAG port
OS Android 5.1.1
 Compiler arm-eabi-gcc-4.8, OpenJDK 7.01
 OS Flashing flash OS image to eMMC viaa SD card
 U-boot boot from eMMC
 Kernel Version Linux 3.4.39
 Android Version Android5.1.1
 Drivers eMMC driver UART/RS232 driver
SD card driver RS485 driver
LVDS displaying driver ADC driver
LCD displaying driver accelerator sensor driver
MIPI displaying driver IrDA driver
HDMI driver RTC driver
LCD/MIPI/LVDS capactive touching driver IO driver
PWM driver LED driver
LCD/MIPI/LVDS backlight driver, 255-class adjustable user key driver
parallel interface camera OV5640 driver IIC driver
MIPI camera OV5645 driver SPI driver
Gigabit Ethernet driver USB host driver, supporting mouse and keyboard
4G module driver USB device driver
BT module driver WM8960 audio driver
WIFI module driver sleep mode waking up 


 Cross-compiler  arm-cortex_a9-eabi-4.7-eglibc-2.18  
 Image Flashing  Flash OS image to eMMC by SD card  Flash OS image to eMMC by USB
 Uboot  Booting mode options  
 Linux Kernel  Version: Linux3.4.39  LCD backlight, 255-rating
 File system: EXT/ NFS/ VFAT  LCD driver (7'' by default)
 eMMC driver  USB host driver: U-disk, USB HUB, mouse, keypad
 RTC driver  TF/ SD/ MMC card driver
 IO driver  UART driver
 User key driver  WM8960 audio driver
 SPI driver  Ethernet driver
 IIC driver  3G driver
 Camera OV5640 driver  USB converted to UART driver
 PWM driver  7'' MIPI display driver
 Capacitive touching driver           LVDS driver
 GPS testing  GPRS wireless testing
 RTC testing  Audio recording/ playing testing
 Camera testing  ADC testing
 IP/ Mac testing  Watchdog testing
 Touch/ mouse mode switching testing  lighttpd Web Server testing
 TTL-RS232 module testing  Display backlight testing
 UART testing  Video and mp3 files playing testing
 Audio recording/ playing testing  3G/ 4G testing