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  • Name: Concentrator
  • Model: Concentrator
  • CPU: NXP(Freescale) i.MX6Ultra Lite
  • Architecture: Cortex-A7
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Flash: 256MB
  • Main Frequency: 528MHz
  • OS: Linux


Concentrator, remote meter and collector make up a remote metering management system. Concentrator is a data collecting device in a certain metering area for data collecting and storage of water, power, gas or heat meter. A concentrator consists of upstream and downstream channels. Generally, upstream channel takes GPRS, telephone wire or LAN approach to communicate with management center. While downstream takes micropower approach, RS485 or pulse to do data collecting, processing and stroage to collectors in its jurisdiction. All these features could be easily realised by Forlinx FETMX6UL-C SoM.



RS232: 2-ch, one for power line carrier module and one for infrared module

RS485: 2-ch, one for kilowatt-hour meter or collector, and the other one for pulse module

GPRS: 1-ch, for upstream wireless communication

Ethernet: 1-ch, for upstream LAN communication

GPIO: 6-ch, for indicator and switch controlling


Advantages of Forlinx FETMX6UL-C SoM

Forlinx FETMX6UL-C is a low-price item, and it has various of communication interfaces that make it has powerful scalability. Well supporting of Linux system with Sqlite, Telnet, TFTP and FTP. Product life time at least 10 years.