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  • Name: LS1012A Ubuntu Single Board Computer with PCIe, USB3.0, SATA
  • Model: OK1012A-C
  • CPU: LS1012A
  • Architecture: Cortex-A53
  • RAM: 512M DDR3L
  • Flash: 8GB eMMC, 16MB QSPI NOR Flash
  • Main Frequency: 1GHz/ 800MHz
  • OS: Ubuntu, OpenWRT


OK1012A-C is a single board computer/ development board designed based on NXP Cortex-A53 featuring processor LS1012A@ 800MHz. It consists of carrier board and SoM and integrates with multiple high-speed peripherals include gual gigabit Ethernet PHYs with hardware packet acceleration engine, SATA3.0, PCIe2.0, USB3.0, TF card and other interfaces. It's specially supported with Ubuntu and OpenWRT and aimming at NAS, IoT gatway. broadband Ethernet gateway and industrial automation markets.

Superior Network Performance

Two SGMII Ethernet up to 2.5Gbps, supported with PFE,

can support data packet from 64-byte to 10240-byte

Powerful Scalability

One PCIe2.0 controller up to 5.0Gbps with powerful scalability for Gagibit Ethernet, dual-band WIFI and other high-speed peripherals

Variable High-Speed Peripherals

2.5Gbps Ethernet, PCIe2.0, SATA3.0, USB3.0

OS Supporting

Ubuntu18.04 and OpenWRT are both well supported

Plentiful third-party application and plug-ins take convenience to users for development work

Lower-power Performance

CPU no-load(usage 0.3%) working consumption only 1.3W, 

CPU full-load (usage 100%) working consumption only 1.9W

Design Technology

SoM designed as 8-layer PCB EING with ultra thin(only 2mm for hight) connectors from Panoasic, transmission rate up to 6Gpbs,

Pins with EING designing make it excellent powerformance for anti-oxidation and stable connection 

Compact Size

Connector only 2mm in hight, SoM with compact dimensions of 45x 40mm, and mounting hight only 5.6mm 

Development Board Diagram

Target Application

SoM FET1012A-C Basic Information
 Architecture  Cortex-A53  Frequency  ≤1GHz
 RAM  512MB DDR3L  Flash  8GB eMMC, 16MB QSPI NOR Flash
 OS  Ubuntu/ OpenWRT   Voltage Input  4.2V
 Package  board-to-board connectors 
 Working Temp  -40℃ to +85℃  Dimensions  45x 40mm


SoM FET1012A-C Hardware Features
Interface QTY Spec.
 Ethernet ≤2

 CPU can support one RGMII up to 1Gbps 

 two 2.5Gbps SGMII could be expanded by SerDes

 dual gigabit Ethernet controllers are available

 PCIe2.0 ≤1  up to 5Gbps
 SATA3.0 ≤1  up to 6Gbps
 USB3.0 1  up to 5Hbps
 QSPI 1  for NOR Flash
 SAI ≤5  synchronous audio interface
 UART ≤2  
 IIC ≤2  
 SDHC ≤2  one is used by eMMC
 JTAG 1  NXP CodeWarrior TAP is supported


Note: SerDes is configurable for SGMII, PCIe and SATA, Forlinx SoM FET1012A-C is configured with SGMII(1G)+ PCIe x 1+ SATA3.0, if you need change the configuration, you can refer to below sheet

1 2 3
 Unused  PCI-express(x 1)
 sg.m1(2.5G)  sg.m2(2.5G)  SATA
 Unused  SATA
 sg.m1(1G)  PCI-express(x 1)  SATA
 sg.m1(1G)  sg.m2(1G)  PCI-express(x 1)
 sg.m1(2.5G)  sg.m2(2.5G)  PCI-express(x 1)
 sg.m1(2.5G)  sg.m2(1G)  PCI-express(x 1)
 TX_CLK  PCI-express(x 1)  SATA
 sg.m1(1G)  TX_CLK  PCI-express(x 1)
 TX_CLK  sg.m2(1G)  PCI-express(x 1)


OK1012A-C Carrier Board Features
Peripherals QTY Spec.
 USB3.0 1  up to 5Gbps
 Ethernet 2  SGMII/ RGMII, 10/ 100/ 1000M, RJ45
 TF Card 1  compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC(UHS-1)
 SATA 1  up to 6Gbps
 RTC 1  on-board RS2030 cell 
 PCIe 1  up to 5Gbps, RTL8111 and WLE900VX WIFI 
 UART Debug 1  debug port, RS232, DB9 connector
 JTAG 1  NXP CodeWarrior TAP is supported

Development Board Diagram


NAS, IoT gateway, Broadband Ethernet gateway, Industrial router 

Edge computing, TSN, smart city, Industrial automation

Linux Ubuntu



 Ubuntu/ Linaro7.3.0-16ubuntu3~18.04,

 glibc-2.27, binutils-2.30-0, gdb-8.1

 OS Flashing  Special hardware tool to flash QSPI Flash
 flash image by U-disk
 U-boot  version: Uboot-2018.03  
 device tree is supported   
 download by TFTP and NFS   
 U-disk, eMMC, TF card, QSPI Flash are supported  
 Linux kernel MAC is configurable and savable  
 Linux Kernel  version: Linux4.14.47  
 file system  EXT4/ NFS/ FAT32
 eMMC driver  HS200 mode 
 TF card driver  DDR50 mode
 watchdog driver  
 RTC driver  RX8010
 IO driver  
 QSPI driver  support 4-wire mode high-speed read/ write
 PCIe driver

 WLE900VX dual band WIFI module

 RTL8111F gigabit Ethernet module

 USB3.0  U-disk, USB Hub, USB keypad/ mouse
 TMU driver  LS1012 internal temp sensor
 UART driver  
 Ethernet (100/ 100/ 10Mbps)  
 SATA driver  hard disk and other SATA devices 
 Ubuntu FS  version: ubuntu-18.04.1  


Linux OpenWRT
 Linux Kernel  version: Linux-4.9.111
 OpenWRT  version: v18.06-0-rc2(kernel version 4.9.111)
 Source Pack  ath10k-firmware-qca988x_2018-04-19-71e50312-1