FCU1104 Industry Embedded Control Unit Air Environmental Monitoring System Solution

With the rapid development of China's economy and industrialization, the environmental pollution that comes with it is becoming more and more serious. For example, car exhaust, building dust, and the accompanying noise pollution, etc., have had a negative impact on people's daily travel and life health.

The air environmental monitoring management system is an information system with computer technology and database technology as the core, which manages a large number of environmental monitoring information and data storage. It provides a scientific basis for air pollution trend analysis and air environmental assessment, proposing pollution control programs, studying air pollution laws and conducting atmospheric physics scientific research.

The use of air environmental monitoring management system can strengthen the processing of environmental pollution monitoring data, can quickly and effectively accurately monitor the air environment.

First, a brief description of how FCU1104 works

The air environment monitoring system monitors the environment continuously and automatically throughout the day. For example, PM2.5, PM10 and other environmental air particulate matter and CO, NO2, SO2 and other air gaseous pollutants, but also to detect environmental noise, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, humidity and other data real-time changes. Through FCU1104 to collect and process, LED screen real-time display, and finally 4G transmission data to the background, convenient for managers to collect, master, process monitoring data in a timely manner.

Second, the features of FCU1104:

1, Real-time monitoring of data

FCU1104 is connected with various types of sensors, the sensor data is collected in real time, the data is displayed in real time through the LED screen, and the data is transmitted to the background monitoring end through the wireless network, so that managers can view it in a timely manner.

2, Intelligent alarm function

Through FCU1104 can achieve the data collected for analysis and processing, data analysis comparison is higher than normal, the activation of intelligent alarm function, through the equipment site, background supervision platform and other scenes to remind, but also to record the data, easy to analyze in the future.

3, Flexible deployment

Through the early analysis and investigation of pollution sources, to determine the high-emission areas of pollution, to distinguish the types of pollutants, purposeful and targeted real-time statistics of monitoring points, and according to the environmental conditions of each monitoring point and its pollution, to analyze and monitor the overall emission situation in the region.

FCU1104 is divided into the extended version and the basic version (extended version on the left, the base version on the right)

The specific advantages are as follows:

  • ★ NXP industrial processor, main frequency 800MHz;
  • ★ Supports real-time upload of monitoring data via wireless networks in 2G/3G/4G/WiFi/LoRa;
  • ★ Supports up to 8-way RS485 (1-way and RS232 multiplex, the basic version has 4-way RS485), supports Modbus communication protocol;
  • ★ Internal integration of Ethernet, CAN, RS232, DI/DO and other functional interfaces, can be external spray dust reduction equipment;
  • ★ provides two interface schemes that are flexible to apply to real-world scenarios.

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