Forlinx Company

Forlinx Embedded Technology is a well-established and constantly growing company, focused on designing, developing and manufacturing embedded systems solutions. Since 2006, Forlinx has committed to provide user-friendly, cost-efficient, stable and advanced embedded solutions which are based on ARM architecture, and offer a variety of platforms including SOMs (System-on-Module), SBCs (Single Board Computer) and industrial embedded PCs with global logistics support.Additionally, Forlinx kindly provides one-stop customization service including BSP tailoring, software and hardware design, mechanical design and integration, which will help customers to reduce product cost and speed up their products to market.

Product Development Line


Take the lead in launching SoM&SBC based on TI AM62x. And launched a variety of SOMs based on processors such as Renesas G2L, Rockchip RK3568, iMX6ULL, etc.



Set up Shenzhen’s office.


With the development of 5G, artificial intelligence, new infrastructure and other emerging fields, the introduction of a number of 5G gateways and SoMs of i.MX8, LS1028A, i.MX6ULL, and become NXP Gold Partner



Released LS series, and launched domestic T3 & A40i SoM, as well as RK3399 series from Rockchip


TI-based A15Multi-core heterogeneous ARM+DSP AM5718 product release.



New arrival of i.MX6UL based on NXP Cortex-A7


i.MX6Q & i.MX6DL SoM based on NXP Cortex A9 came out.



Forlinx launched AM3354 SoM based on TI Cortex A8.


Opened Beijing office, to meet with the new demands of Forlinx’s development.



Forlinx launched S3C6410 SoM based on SAMSUNG ARM11.


Forlinx established, and launched S3C2440 SoM based on SAMSUNG ARM9.

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