FCU1104 Embedded Computer

IoT gateway| FCU1104 is an embedded  computer designed by Forlinx specially for IoT gateway related applications for wireless data acquisition and transmission. It complies with mulitple network protocols. It integrates with 8* RS485/ RS232, 2* Ethernet, 4G(Cat.1/ Cat.4), WiFi, LoRa and other source all in one. 

FCU2201 Embedded Computer

The FCU2201 cost-effective 5G industrial gateway is designed for industrial data acquisition and processing applications. It supports 5G, 4G, Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, RS485, RS232 and other functions and interfaces. It can be used for uplink network access and connection of downlink sensors and other devices; it adopts ARM Cortex-A53 architecture processor with a main frequency up to 1GHz, can meet the performance requirements of local data processing, edge computing, etc.;

FCU2303 5G Gateway

5G Industrial Gateway FCU2303 is a fanless 5G industrial gateway with advanced computing performance based on NXP LS1043A , LS1046A running speed at up to 1.8GHz. super fast and low latency. It has 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports each with sep

FCU1101 Embedded Computer

Smart gateway