SBC Supporting Expansion Module

CAN Module

Model: FIT-CAN-II_2515;
Interface: SPI;

USB to Fast Ethernet Module

Model: FIT-USB-100M V1.0;

RGB to LVDS Module

RGB to LVDS Module is Applicable to Single Board Computer

TTL to RS485 Module

Model: FIT-485 v1.0;
Working Mode: asynchronous half-duplex pattern;
Power: drove by typical serial charge pump, no need for external power.

TTL to RS232 Module

Model: FIT-RS232-II v1.0;
Interface: 5*2 pin connector with pitch of 2.0;
Function: Convert TTL on single board computer to RS232.

USB to Quad UART

Working Temp: -40℃~+85℃;
SPec.:can support four 5-wire serial port.