CAN Module

Product model: FIT-CAN-II_2515

Product interface:

Product features: convert SPI on single board computer to CAN

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CAN bus Module Converted by SPI

CAN bus Module Converted by SPI

SPI to CAN Module
Name CAN module(converted by SPI)
Model FIT-CAN-II_2515
Interface SPI
Spec. rate: Supports a run rate of 1 Mb/s; Meet ISO-11898 standard physical layer requirements, suitable for 12V and 24V systems; Slope external control to reduce RFI; Automatic detection of ground errors at the TXD input (constant appearance); Power-on reset and voltage event undervoltage protection; Failure to power up nodes or undervoltage does not affect the CAN bus; Low current standby operation; Short-circuit protection (positive and negative battery voltage); High-pressure transient protection; Automatic thermal shutdown protection; Up to 112 nodes can be connected; The differential bus is used and has strong noise resistance.
Model OS
OK335xD Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS-II Linux3.2
OKMX6Q-C Linux3.0.35, Linux4.1.15, Android4.4
OKMX6DL-C Linux3.0.35, Linux4.1.15, Android4.4
OKMX6Q-S3 Linux3.0.35, Linux4.1.15, Android4.4
OKMX6DL-S3 Linux3.0.35, Linux4.1.15, Android4.4
OKMX6DL-S3 Linux3.0.35, Linux4.1.15, Android4.4
OKMX6UL-C Linux3.14.38
OK210 Linux2.6.35.7, Android4.0/2.3
OK4418/6818-C Linux3.4.39
Packling List
SPI to CAN module x1 2.0-10P-15cm cable x 1

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