FCU2401 Embedded Computer

FCU2401 embedded computer is designed based on Allwinner Cortex-A7 featuring quad-core processor [email protected], it integrates with MAli400MP2 GPU, RAM 1GB(2GB upgradable) and 8GB eMMC. It has a variety of peripheral sources, such as RS485, CAN,ESAM,USB,Ethernet,4G,WiFi,GPS,LVDS,HDMI,DI,DO,audio and SATA. All communication interfaces are designed with isolation protection solution and tested by ESD4. It can support dual-screen playing. Applicable for edge computing, EV charger, express cabinet, advertising machine, vending machine and other self-service devices.

FCU1302 Embedded Computer

FCU1302 Embedded Computer

FCU1103 Embedded Computer

Data collecting

FCU1201 Embedded Computer

Intelligent applications

FCU1401 Embedded Computer

Slef-service machine