Feiling embedded focuses on related technologies of ARM processors for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in the development and implementation of ARM architecture products. While constantly introducing development platforms and core boards to meet the common market demand, feiling also provides customized services for customers' personalized project needs.

Our hardware team according to the design idea and the demand of you in the shortest possible time to make a prototype, our software team can help you to customize all cut out of the driver layer function, we detailed FAE team can provide you the products or semi-finished products to provide a full range of technical support, our supply chain team ensures excellent quality of project materials can reduce your product cost more. At the same time, the project engineer is in charge of every link from the initial technical communication to the acceptance of the project, ensuring that the details of the project keep improving.

Project customization

Hardware customization

Industrial product customization

Software customization

System migration ◆ driver development ◆ kernel clipping

Hardware customization

Materials for mass production of ◆ fixture

Cooperation process

Communication requirements

Technical evaluation

Business negotiation

Project start

Develop and implement

Prototype acceptance

Batch production

Cooperation mode

ODM Mode:

Feiling can provide a complete system (including hardware PCBA and operating system and driver) and also can provide part of the documents and design drawings necessary for the second development of the customer.

QEM Model:

After the productization of the research and development results of the project, we can accept bulk shipment orders.

Model features:

Professional, stable, zero customer burden.