After-sale Service Policy

Dear Customers,

Thanks for selecting Forlinx products, to protect your interests, please read the policy carefully.
This policy has been executed from Dec.5, 2014 and is applicable for all Forlinx's products.

Maintenance Application Form(please download and fill in it)

After-sale Service Policy

1. Please take a valid purchasing voucher for maintenance request when you have product failure problems.
2. We kindly provide one year of warranty to ARM board except non-warranty components(CPU, RAM and Flash/ storage chips) and three months warranty to display and power adapter from the ex-factory date.
3. Product failure in expired time, we kindly provide paid maintenance service. Charges depend on the assessment by the maintenance department. If goods seriously damaged, accessory discontinued or other uncontrollable conditions which may cause the products can not be fixed, Forlinx will not provide maintenance service.
4. Forlinx kindly provide one month of warranty to the repaired items, payment should be done to the appointed accountNote: this warranty is only valide to the repaired problem.
5. Please take necessary data backup before the defective item sent back to up for maintenance, all risks caused by no backup should be born by customers.
6. Forlinx will reject items sent back without our permission.
7. To goods within warranty period, freight should be shared by both sides, otherwise, customer should bearn all maintenance related freight and custom fees.

Non-warranty Coverage(Paid Maintenance Service)

1. Products out of warranty period;
2. Non-warranty components including CPU, RAM and Flash chips;
3. Failure caused by improper operations like PCB short circuit, rupture;
4. Bar code or factory ID tampered or other operations cause the products can not be recognized;
5. Bar code or factory ID on purchasing voucher is not matched with the product itself;
6. Product failure caused by non-authorised maintenance, improper operations, misuse operations or other unexpected behaviors.
7. Product failure caused by fore majeure.
8. Other failures caused during delivery.

Maintenance Cycle

Within one month from the receipt of returned item by Forlinx.

Maintenance Address

Add.: NO. 2699 of Xiangyang North Street, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China.
Contact: Maintenance Department or related sales person
Tel.: +86-312-3102650 ext 952
Postal code: 071051
Note: Freight and related custom fees should be paid at the customer's side, otherwise, Forlinx will reject the package.


1. The country's laws comes first when the terms are conflict with laws;
2. The interpretation of the terms belong to Forlinx
3. The terms came to valid from Dec.5, 2014