AM5718 Series

OK5718-C Single Board Computer

Based on the ARM-DSP multi-core heterogeneous AM571x processor design, TI AM5718 Series board includes ARM Cortex-A15, ARM Cortex-M4, DSP, PRU, GPU and many different architectures for industrial communications, human-machine interfaces, HMI, automation control, factory automation, building automation, machine vision, medical imaging, testing and measurement, automotive multimedia, and more. Welcome to inquire online.

OK5718-C2 Single Board Computer

Cortex-A15, Cortex-M4, DSP multi-core heterogeneous | Forlinx AM5718 development board is based on the ARM+DSP dual-core architecture ARM Cortex-A15 AM5718+DSP C66x chip design and development, two-in-one development platform.