Based on i. MX6ULL Builds Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

With the development of industry, the problem of water pollution is becoming more and more serious. In order to protect the water environment, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of sewage discharge, strengthen the analysis of surface water, groundwater, industrial wastewater, and other water quality, to ensure people's water safety. Water quality detectors play an important role in environmental protection, water quality testing, and water resources protection, and are widely used in our lives. Share a professional laboratory water quality monitor design below.

Water quality monitor design

Water quality detector used to analyze the content of water quality components of professional instruments mainly refers to the measurement of water: BOD, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen, and other items of the instrument. The principle is to involve the corresponding substances in the water through electrochemical reaction or chemical agent reaction, and then calculate the content of the corresponding substances in the water by means of color comparison, titration method, conductivity measurement, etc., in order to measure the data of various indicators to determine whether the water quality meets the safety standards.

The FETMX6UL-C and FETMX6ULL-S core boards are designed with NXP processor development, Cortex-A7 architecture, and main frequency 528MHz/800MHz. Integrated display, network and a variety of control, acquisition transmission interface, the original 8-way serial port can be a variety of water quality monitoring, gas detection, dust monitoring, and other sensors in one, 8 inch, 10 inch high-resolution large-screen display operation process, clear interface, two-way Ethernet can achieve dual network redundancy, to the network to do double insurance, so that operations and maintenance more convenient.

FETMX6ULL-S core boards

The core board has a high degree of integration, supports 8 serials, 2 mesh outlets, 2 CAN, meets the needs of all equipment, can be connected to dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature), pH sensor, conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, total organic carbon analyzer TOC, etc., and then carry out on-site construction assembly.

The core board has a high degree of integration

Upstream data channels support a variety of network interfaces, 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface, WIFI, 4G;

10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface

Performance stability has been tested over time in several areas. Low main frequency reduces CPU heat, and Forlinx is designed to support CPU auto-FM technology, extending CPU life. The A7 architecture is the ultimate in energy savings. Sleep wake-up is supported with a maximum power consumption of 100mA.

Developed with Linux-QT, the QT program DEMO routine, which provides each interface, allows you to enter the product testing phase as quickly as possible. Supports Linux3.14 plus QT4.8.5, LINUX4.1.15 plus QT5.6.