Network Port Expansion & CAN Interface

Network Port Expansion Scheme:

Usually, customers ask our equipment to support several network outlets, generally referring to a separate network port, that is, a separate MAC address. Our core board supports two separate MAC addresses, FET335XS FET335XS-II FET335XD FETMX6UL-C, which needs to be extended if customers want to add one or two more networks. Typical scenarios are:

■ Using the network HUB (switch) chip, you can expand 1 lane to 2 lanes without drive support, but the MAC address is the same.

■ Using USB extension, a USB extension of a network port, the extended network has its own MAC address, currently supported modules are OKMX6Q-S2 OKMX6DL-S2 OKMX6Q-C OKMX6DL-C OKMX6UL-C OKMX6UL-C OKMX6UL-C2, LINUX and Android systems are supported. Currently, only one USB extension can be supported for one gate device, and two or more extensions need to be further validated.

CAN Extension Scheme:

CAN is divided into controllers and transceivers, TI's AM3354 and NXP's i.MX6Q/DL/UL CPU have their own controllers, so the base plate is directly involved in transceivers to complete the device's communication. All of Samsung's platform CPUs do not have a CAN controller.

SPI extended CAN, we have SPI to CAN module, rate up to 1MB/S. Need to write drivers, we have debug ok, LINUX system on AM3354 and iMX6UL.

UART extends CAN, which is known to the customer, and is simple to implement, but at a lower rate.

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