How to Change the Password of the Root Account for Logging in to the OK-MX9352-C SBC?

This article applies to the Forlinx OK-MX9352-C platform with Linux 5.15.52 operating system.

OK-MX9352-C Single Board Computer

How to change the root account and password for logging in to the Single board computer?

root@ok-mx93:~# passwd root //Modify root password command

New password://Enter the new password (The password is not displayed, just type it directly);

Retype new password://Then follow the instruction retype the password

passwd: password updated successfully

The password is successfully changed.

Then we can use new password to restart the EVK.

OKMX9352-C Single Board Computer

The default root user does not have a password set. To increase security, we can set a password with the password command. However, if the board is mass-produced, manually setting the passwords one by one will be very tedious. Therefore, we need a way to have the EVK automatically come with a default password after the re-burning.

Specific conduction is as follows:

  • 1. After the board boots, set the password for the root user with the password command.
  • 2. Two new files are created in the /etc directory: passwd and shadow.
  • 3. Unzip the filesystem image into the development environment and put the above two files into the /etc directory, replace the previous file with the same name and unzip it again.
  • 4. Re-burn this file system image to the EVK.