Elevator IoT: Intelligent Management and FETMX6ULL-S Industrial ARM SoM Solution

Elevators, as special equipment, belong to traditional industries. But with the development of emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G, and artificial intelligence, many industries are undergoing revolutionary changes.

In addition, the digitalization and intelligent construction management needs of urbanization in recent years have also led to continuous changes in elevator manufacturing, production, and maintenance. The digitization of elevator information management, real-time monitoring, fault prediction, emergency rescue, and maintenance management have become new demands.

The development of elevator IoT technology provides a foundation for the implementation of smart elevators. Emergency rescue, diagnosis of elevator safety hazards, fault prediction, and on-demand maintenance all rely on elevator IoT. As the foundation and key component of elevator IoT, the IoT gateway is responsible for establishing a bridge between the elevator control system and remote server data exchange.

The richness of the elevator IoT gateway interfaces, efficiency and capabilities of edge computing, ease of use, universality, as well as maintenance and management convenience determine the level of data collection and transmission in elevator IoT.

The elevator IoT gateway is mainly used for real-time monitoring and displaying the elevator's operational status. It collects relevant data about elevator operation through various high-precision sensors built into it. The gateway then uses a microprocessor to analyze abnormal data and transmits the data through methods such as 3G, 4G, GPRS, Ethernet, RS232/RS485, and USB.

The comprehensive elevator management platform, hosted on the cloud platform, handles functions such as elevator fault alarms, trapped passenger rescues, daily management, quality assessment, hazard prevention, and multimedia transmission.

Elevator IoT Features:

  • The gateway is able to collect signals of elevator going up and down, stopping, leveling, door opening and closing, current floor, elevator speed, and single trip distance.
  • It can monitor elevator fault information in real-time, such as entrapments, elevator jamming, abnormal door operations, and over-speeding or bottoming out.
  • It can store various operational data, fault data, and elevator maintenance work information.
  • It can transmit real-time operational data of elevators through 4G wireless network to the elevator operation real-time monitoring platform, and can also simultaneously report to the cloud platform.

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FETMX6ULL-S SoM Solution Recommendation

In order to achieve stability and high efficiency, Forlinx Embedded recommends using FETMX6ULL-S industrial SoM as the core solution of elevator IoT gateway. The SoM adopts NXP Cortex-A7 800MHz master, and comes standard with EMC and high and low temperature, which keeps the quality of hardware and system in all cool conditions.

Elevator IoT: Intelligent Management and FETMX6ULL-S Industrial ARM SoM Solution

FETMX6ULL-S industrial SoM Main features

  • The FETMX6ULL-S SoM is based on NXP's ARM Cortex-A7 architecture i.MX6ULL low-power processor design, running at 800MHz. The SoM is designed with stamp holes, and the unique power management architecture makes the SoM consume less power.
  • Rich Interfaces:
    Support 8 x UART and communicate with multiple serial devices at the same time;
    Support 2 x Ethernet to realize dual network redundancy;
    Support 2 x USB;
  • Rich peripheral modules, supporting WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and other modules.
  • It adopts the 4.1.15 operating system, supports OTG, SD/TF card batch burning mode, and supports single-step kernel update, making it convenient for process development and bulk production.
  • The SoM has a compact size of only 44*35mm, with an 8-layer PCB featuring immersion gold process. It is equipped with industrial-grade components and has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, ensuring stable operation of the product in harsh environments.

Integrating the FETMX6ULL-S industrial-grade SoM with elevator IoT technology can create an efficient, stable, and intelligent elevator management system to improve safety and efficiency of operations.