Solution | Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus Solution based on AM62x

Europe hits record-high temperatures this summer. Heat wave makes some people suffer from heat stroke. It is a disease caused by body overheating, prolonged exposure to high temperature or physical exertion in high temperature. Heat stroke may occur when your body temperature rises to 104°F (40℃) or higher, which happens most often in summer.

Heatstroke requires emergency treatment. Untreated heatstroke can quickly damage your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles. The longer treatment is delayed, the more severe the damage, increasing the risk of serious complications or death. If someone may have heat stroke, get medical help right away. Dial 911 or your local emergency services number. In the news about heatstroke patients being hospitalized, doctors treat patients with a medical device called hypothermia therapy apparatus.

Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus

Hypothermia therapy apparatus provides cold source by compressor and uses a special cold water circulation refrigeration system to conduct heat dissipation to achieve a cooling effect.

It uses a blanket to contact patient's body, controls patient's body temperature by temperature difference, creates a sub-low temperature environment, and reduces patient’s body temperature through "heat transfer".

ARM architecture processor as device master control has been the choice of many medical equipment manufacturers. The following will take hypothermia therapy apparatus as an example to introduce ARM solution.

Application Solution Introduction

FET6254-C SoM by Forlinx Embedded is designed and developed based on TI Sitara™ AM62x series industrial-grade processors. It’s multi-core heterogeneous combination of Cortex-A53 processing core and Cortex-M4F control core. And the startup and operation of M4F is not depended on A53, which is safer and more efficient; it integrates rich interfaces for various functions and has wider applicability.

Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus Solution Topology Diagram

Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus Solution Topology Diagram

FET6254-C SoM supports up to 9*UART, compatible with 16C750. It supports RS485 external transceiver automatic flow control, which can meet the operation requirements of electronic drive system and refrigeration system on hypothermia therapy apparatus, which is the most critical step to achieve therapeutic effect by cooling body. M4F control core can operate independently without A53 core, making cooling work more efficient.

Hypothermia therapy apparatus is not a simple refrigeration.For safety of patients, it needs to strictly control the speed of cooling and rewarming. It can not be too fast. The cooling speed is 1.0~1.5℃/h. A temperature sensor is required to monitor patient's body temperature and temperature of circulating cold water in real time. FET6254-C SoM supports ≤6* I2C. The access of temperature and water pressure sensors can meet the perception and monitoring of multiple indicators such as body temperature, water temperature and water volume, and ensure optimal treatment effect.

All data indicators mentioned above need to be monitored by doctors in real time and adjusted in time according to actual situation. FET6254-C SoM supports 2 display controllers, which can output 2 different images at the same time. It support LVDS and RGB Parallel display, providing more choices for medical equipment manufacturers.

USB port of FET6254-C SoM can be configured as USB host, USB slave device, or USB dual-role device, which can support mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals, making it easier for doctors to perform settings and operations.

The above is hypothermia therapy apparatus solution based on FET6254-C SoM by Forlinx Embedded. Hope it is helpful to your product development selection and design.

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