Hospital Substation System based on FCU1301

Compared with other building, hospital is different in power distributing, any power failure accident may cause serious result.

It's necessary to do real-time monitoring to powering system so that to control distributing system running status and fast response to power failure accident.

Forinx FCU1301 embedded computer can meet all requirement needed in switchhouse solution

It contains three subsystems in the above picuture: power monitoring system, environment monitoring system and video surveilliance.

▼ Topological graph of power monitoring system

Collect transformer, generator and cabinet data by FCU1301, then upload the data to native server or cloud. The server will real-time detect and response to working voltage, current, over-load, over-current or over-temperature signals and also response and alarm to power failure or static swich defect and locking status.

▼ Topological graph of environment monitoring system

FCU1301 can be used for indoor temperature& humidity, leak location and smok information, and concentrate environmental data to native server or cloud. The server terminal is set with temperature cap& collar value, once any exception, system will alarm.

Video survillance system generally separate circuited, users can also connect it with cloud or native server.

Considering complicate electromagnet interference environment in switchhouse, the FCU 1301 embedded computer is specially designed with necessary isolation circuit to

special interface to ensure signal transmission stability and accuracy.

Besides, it can fit in 1U cabinet very well, and it's preserved with expanding interface for WIFI, GPRS and 4G.

▼ Overview of FCU1301 hardware features

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