Smart Lamp-post Solution based on i.MX6Q SoM FETMX6Q-C System on Module

The smart street light pole is a smart street light product that integrates a variety of information equipment technology innovation composite applications.

The entire smart light pole includes applications such as a street lighting control system, WiFi antenna base station, video monitoring management, advertising screen broadcast control system, real-time monitoring of the urban environment, emergency call system, charging pile system, and other applications.

Street lights are widely distributed, large in number, fixed in location, and highly recognizable. More importantly, the urban lighting system is the largest live system in the city. Through the integration of multiple technologies, innovative and comprehensive utilization, the construction of smart light poles, while promoting the construction of smart lighting, as a multi-information collection source and the multi-business entrance of smart cities, it will become a necessity of smart city construction and development.

smart street light pole

The overall architecture of the urban Internet of Things with light poles as the entrance

1.Intelligent street lighting control system

The system can use a variety of IoT and IT technologies such as wireless WiFi and 4G, fast networking, low latency, and support for more business interventions. It realizes the remote control functions of single lamp turn-on, dimming, and detection of each smart light pole, which facilitates the networked, refined, standardized, and daily management of the daily inspection and maintenance management of urban street lights.

2.Micro base station coverage subsystem

With the continuous development of people's social life, the requirements for mobile network coverage are also increasing, especially the distribution of macro stations and base stations in large cities cannot meet the communication needs well, which has added a lot of troubles to people’s daily lives. Based on street lights The installation of micro base stations on poles can better increase the radiation range of mobile communication signals and meet the increasing requirements of communication networks.

The operator’s optical fiber network is more stable than wireless 4G, and 4G micro base stations can be used in areas where there is no deployment of optical fibers. Use 5.8G signal to make Mesh between light poles, and provide downlink 2.4G frequency band as AP to surf the Internet.

3.Video surveillance management

Smart street lights integrate video monitoring equipment, with video analysis systems on demand, active monitoring and active warning. It shares transmission lines and power supply lines with other functional units.

Provide video surveillance services with low cost and high efficiency.

4.Charging pile module

In line with the government's layout to promote new energy vehicles, charging piles installed on smart street light poles in stations, communities, etc. are a cost-effective solution.

There is no need for repeated line construction and does not occupy urban construction land. Connect the charging pile to the network management center and through various application apps developed by the charging pile manufacturer or third-party software company, online functions including GSI charging pile location query, scheduled charging, charging reminder and online payment can be realized; You can watch local videos, music, news and other content to easily pass the charging time while waiting for charging.

5.Network multimedia information release subsystem

The LED light pole full-color display is used as a platform for network multimedia information release, with embedded intelligent management core modules, allowing advertisements to be controlled at will, and advertising graphics and text information can be replaced at will.

Display information may include: commercial advertisements, public welfare publicity, public information release, emergency warnings, regional map display, surrounding air pollution status, etc.

6.Environmental Sensing Detection Subsystem

By integrating various environmental monitoring sensors on the smart light pole, environmental related monitoring of gas, rain, snow, fog, temperature, humidity, etc. can be realized.

Forlinx FETMX6Q-C core board

CPU :NXP Cortex-A9 iMX6Quad, Quad-core 1GHz, dual-core and quad-core PIN-to-PIN compatible

The realization of this solution requires the core board. In addition to satisfying the function, the operating temperature range is an important factor affecting stability. FETMX6Q-Ccan meet the stable operation in the temperature range of -40℃~+85℃.

Detailed hardware parameters of the core board: