Beidou & GPS Module

Product model: FIT-GPS&BD-UM220 V1.0

Product interface:

Product features: Forlinx GPS&Beidou module, available with LVCMOS and RS232

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GPS& Beidou Module
Item Name Spec.
Chipset UM220-Ⅲ NL lower power GNSS SoC
Frequency Input frequency BDS B1&GPS L1, 1559-1577MHz
Standing Wave Ratio ≤1.5
Input Impedance 50ohms
GNSS positioning accurate 2.5m CEP(dual-system, opensky)
RMS GPS/dual mode: 0.1m/s
Beidou: 0.2m/s(open sky)
TTFF cold starting 30s
hot starting 1s
Sensibility tracking -160dBm
capture Beidou: -145dBm; GPS: -147dBm
hot starting/ re-capture -150dBm
1PPS accuracy(RMS) 20ns
Data updating rate 1Hz
Nevigating Data Form based on NMEA0183, compatible with Beidou
Power main power 5V recommended
Power consumption 120mW(typical)
Peak current 100mA
Interface simple horn seat serial interface LVTTL, baud rate 4800-115200bps, default 9600bps
DB9 female RS232, baud rate 4800-115200bps, default9600bps
Applicable Single Board Computer
Single Board Computer OS
OKMX6Q-C Linux3.0.35/4.1.15, Android4.4/6.0
OKMX6Q-S3 Linux3.0.35/4.1.15, Android4.4/6.0
OKMX6DL-S3 Linux3.0.35/4.1.15, Android4.4/6.0
OKMX6UL Linux3.14.38/4.1.15
OK335xD Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS-II Linux3.2
OK4418-C Linux3.4.39, Android5.1.1
OK6818-C Linux3.4.39, Android5.1.1
OK5718-C Linux4.9.41
OK1052-C uClinux
Packing List
FIT-GPS&BD-UM220 V1.0 module x 1 2.0-10P-15cm cable x 1
GPS SMA male magnetic base antenna 5 meters x 1 dual-hole straight connect serial port cablex 1
5.5*2.1mm AC220V DC5V 2.0A power adapter x 1

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