Dynamic Environment Monitoring System Solution Based on FCU1301

FCU1301 is an embedded computer designed by Forlinx for dynamic environment monitoring system solution.

From the above diagram we can know that an embedded computer takes a critical role in the whole monitoring system.

Thus Forlinx specially designed the FCU1301 based on SoM FET335xD to fit into 1U.

This FCU1301 has below features

CPU: ARM Cortex-A8 AM3354@ 800MHz

Temp Width: industrial grade

OS: Linux

Power Output: 4-ch, for peripheral power supply

Power Input: 9V to 36V, consists of main power, backup power and battery

Ethernet: 2-ch, 1000Mbps

UART: 8-ch, available for RS232 and RS485

DI: 12-ch, dry contact input

DO: 4-ch, AC220V/ 5A relay normal open output

CAN: 2-ch

GPRS/ 4G: optional

USB: 2-ch, for USB device like U-disk

WIFI: STA and AP are both supported

Watchdog: external hardware watchdog 

SD Card: for storage expanding

RTC: on-board RTC,available for power loss memory

Buzzer: device booting indicator

IIC: available for dot matrix LCD


Spec .

Power input: when the main power is cut off, it will automatically get power from the backup power, and when backup power is cut off, it will automatically get power from battery, system won't closed or restarted during the switching that ensure system stability to the maximum extent.

Network: dual Ethernet ports could be used for backup,  or take 4G to access to cloud server

Storage: take USB or SD card to expand storage or export data

UART: used for connection with UPS, precision air condition, battery detection, humiture sensor, gas detection, access control.

DI: for doors and windows inspection, water logging sensor

DO: for controlling of doorsensor, ventilations system and sudible & visual alarm 
WIFI: set to AP mode by mobilephone APP 
IIC: available for expanding dot matrix LCD (eg. 1602 LCD), to display device IP or scroll display alarm information