The Online Energy Consumption Monitoring Program of FCU1104 Dual-Network Data Acquisition Gateway under the Goal of "Carbon Neutrality"

In 2021, "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" will be a hot topic in the energy field. On February 1, the "Management Measures for Carbon Emission Trading (Trial)" issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment was officially implemented.

This means that high-energy-consuming companies not only need to pay for the energy that is directly consumed, but also need to pay for the excess carbon emissions, so companies must start to really pay attention to the issue of carbon emissions.

High-energy-consuming enterprises want to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. The first is to optimize the industrial layout and process structure, and eliminate outdated processes and production capacity. The second is to make good use of new energy and technological innovation in accordance with the principles of open source, consumption reduction, energy saving, and efficiency increase.

Use smart energy management platforms and other auxiliary management methods to improve energy utilization efficiency and realize energy conservation and emission reduction. Among them, the online energy consumption monitoring platform is undoubtedly the first choice for low investment and high cost performance, and it is also the data basis for realizing energy digitization and energy saving and emission reduction.

For the digital, networked, and visualized industrial applications of energy and energy saving management, Forlinx launched the FCU1104 dual-network data acquisition gateway

Application of FCU1104 Dual Network Data Acquisition Gateway in Energy Consumption Monitoring System

FCU1104 dual-network data acquisition gateway, developed and designed with NXP i.MX6ULL processor, has the advantages of low cost, high performance, and high reliability. Main frequency 792MHz, RAM 256MB, NandFlash 256MB (optional RAM 512MB, eMMC 4GB),Supports Linux 4.1.15 operating system, supports multiple network protocols, integrates practical resources such as RS485/RS232, Ethernet, 4G, WiFi, LoRa, etc., which is convenient for users to carry out secondary development, and can be applied to various industrial-grade harsh environments to realize data Efficient and reliable transmission.

FCU1104 Gateway

  • 2-channel 100M Ethernet: realize the connection between the local server and the cloud platform;
  • Multiple wireless communication methods: WiFi, 4G, LoRa, adapt to various field applications;
  • Abundant interface resources: The basic version supports 4 RS485, and the high configuration version supports 4 RS485/RS232, 2 DI, 2 DO, CAN, and can be connected to multiple terminal sensing devices;
  • Provide a stable operating system: Linux4.1.15, which is convenient for the secondary development of customers;
  • Strict interface protection design: support 9~36V wide voltage input, with anti-reverse connection protection and overcurrent protection;

At the data or information collection layer, the FCU1104 dual-network data acquisition gateway is capable of real-time collection, measurement, calculation and analysis, reflecting the dynamic changes of data and other tasks, and storing and querying historical data.

The FCU1104 dual-network data acquisition gateway can not only realize the digitization, networking, and visualization of energy and energy saving management, but also help factory managers master energy costs, real-time centralized control and improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality and carbon The goal of balance.