Embedded SoM to Build Smart Light Pole Gateway Program

With the continuous development of a new generation of information technology, smart cities have gradually landed from forward-looking concepts, and various municipal infrastructures have been upgraded to digital infrastructure under the support of the Internet of Things, 5G, cloud computing, edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, bringing great convenience to the lives of citizens. Among them, the smart lamppost as a traditional lighting facilities iterative products is very representative.

Smart Light Pole Gateway

To help the construction of smart city, embedded core board to build smart light pole gateway program

At present, the smart lampposts on the market, in addition to the basic functions of lighting control, but also integrated video surveillance, environmental monitoring, 5G micro-base stations, LED display, public address, emergency alarm, charging pile emergency charging and other functions.

the construction of smart city

At present, the smart light pole system mainly includes the underlying sensing output equipment, communication control equipment (gateway), platform system, application side (scheduling side).

communication control equipment

A domestic Internet of Things program provider, in order to expand the smart city business plan to develop a smart light pole, products need to achieve the following functions:

Smart lighting: can realize the remote centralized control and management of street lamps, automatic brightness adjustment, remote meter reading and other functions;

Video surveillance: support for webcams, security and road video surveillance;

Environmental monitoring: real-time collection and monitoring of environmental information such as temperature, humidity and air quality;

Electronic display: support information release screen, used to display road information, environmental information, broadcast slogans, etc.

Audio broadcasting: providing broadcast columns for public broadcasting functions;

5G communication: provide 5G micro-base station function, for the city 5G signal to fill the blind spot;

WIFI Hotspots: Provide WIFI Hotspots to help communities and parks achieve wireless coverage;

Emergency alarm: provide a one-click alarm (help) function;

Charging pile billing control: can provide emergency charging convenience for new energy vehicle owners.

Other . . .

In the process of product pre-research, the first challenge for users is the implementation of the communication gateway of the smart light pole. For the intelligent light pole, which integrates many functions, the functions of integration, remote control, monitoring, data collection, information transmission and maintenance management of various equipment need to be rich in communication (network) interface, high performance and stable operation. Because users are eager to open up the market, it was decided to adopt a model based on embedded core board development products to accelerate product development time. After consulting Forlinx Embedded, Forlinx recommended the FET1046A-C core board to them.

LS1046A system on module

FET1046A-C core board is based on NXP ARM Cortex-A72 and LS1046A processor, quad-core 1.8GHz main frequency, native support for 8 Gbit Ethernet, up to 2 XFI (10GbE) interfaces, and the expansion of multiple UART to facilitate connection to sensing output devices. Support 5G, 5G/4G to WIFI function, support Ubunut18.04 operating system, and integrate a wealth of third-party components, open system design, easy for secondary user development. The development of communication gateway with FET1046A-C core board can quickly complete the product launch.

FET1046A-C core board

Smart light pole communication gateway application topology diagram developed with FET1046A-C core board