Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System Solution Based on FET6254-C SoM

Against the backdrop of rapid development in communication and networking technologies, smart factories are gradually achieving data-driven, networked, and intelligent management. In this trend, the utilization of the Industrial IoT has become an indispensable key step in achieving industrial data collection and control.

Traditional industrial data collection and control systems typically require connection to multiple data collection devices, perform high-speed communication, handle complex data processing, and achieve high-definition multimedia display functions. The embedded system based on ARM+FPGA architecture has rich peripheral interfaces, high-definition display high-speed transmission, and other functions, which are more capable of high-speed industrial data acquisition tasks. The flexibility and performance of this embedded system make it an ideal choice to meet the needs of smart factories, which can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of industrial data processing.

Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System Solution Based on FET6254-C SoM

In the industrial data acquisition and control system, high-speed data acquisition system and embedded human-computer interaction system cooperate closely to build an intelligent industrial management system. The main task of the high-speed data acquisition system is to collect the key data in the industrial production process in real time and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data. This involves high-speed communication with multiple data acquisition devices, as well as sophisticated data processing and multimedia display capabilities.

As the main control center, the embedded human-computer interaction system coordinates and manages each module and resource, and is responsible for receiving the data from the FPGA terminal. It not only visualizes the data to the user, but also achieves more flexible control through human-computer interaction. The system also realizes the connection with the industrial MES + ERP system through the communication module, and transmits the collected data to the cloud for storage. This design not only improves the efficiency of data processing, but also greatly reduces the risk of manual data entry, and realizes the intelligent management of industrial data.

The whole system architecture provides a more comprehensive and efficient data management solution for enterprises. This not only helps to reduce human errors in the production process, but also makes better use of human resources and improves production efficiency. With the continuous development of communication and network technology, such industrial data acquisition and control system will become an important support for industrial intelligence in the future.

Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System Solution Based on FET6254-C SoM

The main control device of the industrial data acquisition control system can adopt Forlinx Embedded FET6254-C SoM, which is based on TI's AM62x series industrial processor design, with the main frequency up to 1.4GHz, is a multi-core heterogeneous processor, adopting the Cortex-A53+Cortex-M4F combination of processing core + control core architecture; the functional safety features can be realised by the M4F core and its dedicated peripherals, and the startup and operation of the M4F core no longer depend on the A53 core. The M4F core and its dedicated peripherals enable functional safety features, and the M4F core is no longer dependent on the A53 core for startup and operation.

It can provide excellent data processing capability and human-computer interaction experience, and can control the motor drive module in real time to meet the requirements of data processing, task scheduling and human-computer interaction of the real-time control system.

It support parallel bus support for ARM high-speed communication with the FPGA to provide access. FET6254-C supports TI processor-specific general-purpose memory controller interface GPMC, high data read and write rate of up to 100MB / s, support for multiple chip selection, the configuration is more flexible, and at the same time can provide a variety of methods to connect with the peripheral devices and a wide range of external devices can be communicated.

Industrial Data Acquisition Solution Based on FET6254-C SoM featuring TI’s AM6254 CPU

The FET6254-C SoM integrates a rich set of functional interfaces. It supports two Gigabit Ethernet with TSN support, which provides fast data transmission and connection capability to meet the demand of industrial data acquisition and control systems for high bandwidth and low latency; it also supports three communication interfaces, such as CAN FD, I2C, I2S, which provide a reliable, high-speed and real-time data transmission method for the normal operation and efficient performance of industrial data acquisition and control system; with rich interface resources such as USB, UART, PWM, SPI, etc., it can be used to connect various sensors, actuators, motor drive modules, and mouse and keyboard devices.

The control system provides support for normal operation and efficient performance; with rich interface resources such as: USB, UART, PWM, SPI, etc., can be used to connect a variety of sensors, actuators, motor drive modules, as well as the mouse, keyboard devices, etc., can be achieved in industrial data acquisition and control of a variety of signals and data, to achieve the monitoring and control of the production process; the SoM adopts an industrial-grade temperature and wide range of design, to ensure that the stability and reliability of the product to meet the requirements of industrial application environment.