Vehicle Diagnosis based on iMX RT1052

Background: Prensently,mileage programmers on market are mostly specially designed for car makers' IC but not compatible with IC from a different car barnd. The programmers communicates with upper computer by serial; power solution is simplex and can not meet users' demand for expanding; The main chipset used is a 8-bit microcontroller with limited processing rate; Programmer pin voltage can be only 5V. All these have become disadvantages for products development.

Basic requirement

  1. 1. High-speed USB2.0
  2. 2. Flexible programmable pins
  3. 3. Vehicle and car device dignose interface(LIN, K, CAN)
  4. 4. High-speed processing performance
  5. 5. High security
  6. 6. Large storage
  7. 7. High scalability(for system updating)

Recommended model

FET1052-C system on module(SoM) is an Arm® Cortex®-M7 featuring item designed based on NXP i.MXRT1052 MCU with frequency up to 528 MHz. TCM up to 512KB, real time task processing latency as low as 20ns.

1. Overview of RT1052 SoM

2. Hardware source of RT1052 SoM

Solution details

High-speed USB communication interface

FET1052-C can support HS USB2.0 with transmission rate up to 480Mbps. It's also available for USB HUB expanding solution.

Pins programmable

FET1052-C has various interface, such as UART, IIC,SPI and other interface which are alll programmable.

Multiple vehicle and car device dignose interface

FET1052-C has 2 CAN ports available for communication with other car devices. It can support up to 8x UART(5.0Mbps), and can support K or LIN expanded and converted by other interface.

High speed processing performance

i.MX RT1052 is an Arm® Cortex®-M7 MCU with frequency up to 600 MHz(industrial grade 528MHz). 512KB TCM, latency time 20ns.

High security

FET1052-C sysgtem on module is designed with encryption module which can support data encryption and stroed in external storage. Data enciphered and transferred to chip and then deciphered to read but no need wait for decryption circle. Encryption accelarator in cross over processor can raise the throughout. Even hardware encyption is not applicable, it can support sofotware related encryption solution.

Large storage ability

SRAM can be configured to TCM with no-wait to improve processing performance. Besides, external storage can be expanded by SDRAM or Flash.