SBC Expansion Module

CAN Module

Model: FIT-CAN-II_2515;
Interface: SPI;

USB to Fast Ethernet Module

Model: FIT-USB-100M V1.0;

RGB to LVDS Module

RGB to LVDS converter Module is Applicable to Single Board Computer, RGB to LVDS interface module allows all Forlinx development boards to switch interfaces.

TTL to RS485 Module

TTL to RS485 Module;

Model: FIT-485 v1.0;

Power: drove by typical serial charge pump, no need for external power.

TTL to RS232 Module

Model: FIT-RS232-II v1.0;
Interface: 5*2 pin connector with pitch of 2.0;
Function: Convert TTL on single board computer to RS232 (TTL to RS232).

USB to Quad UART Module

Working Temp: -40℃~+85℃;
SPec.:can support four 5-wire serial port.