RGB to LVDS Module

Product model: FIT-RLVDS+A10

Product interface: RGB

Product features: RGB to LVDS module, available for 10.1'' display, can convert RGB to LVDS

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The need for higher resolution displays is greater than ever. This results in higher pixel clocks, which can lead to challenges such as high EMI radiation and noise resistance. As a result, video interfaces are now converted from traditional RGB to LVDS video interfaces. Because microprocessors with integrated graphics units can only output single-ended RGB video data, this reference design demonstrates the simplicity of converting RGB to LVDS.

RGB to LVDS converter interface module allows all Forlinx development boards to switch interfaces.


Compact 24-bit RGB to OLDI/LVDS interface;

Supports OKMX6Q /DL, OKMX6Q/DL-S3, OKMX6UL , OK335XD, OK335XS, OK335XS-II,etc.

OK5718-C development board RGB to LVDs Module

RGB to LVDS Module is Applicable to Forlinx Single Board Computer

RGB to LVDS Module

Single board computer OS
OKMX6Q/DL-C Android6.0, Android4.4, Linux3.0.35+QT4.8.5, Linux4.1.15+QT5.6
OKMX6Q/DL-S3 Android6.0, Android4.4, Linux3.0.35+QT4.8.5, Linux4.1.15+QT5.6
OKMX6UL Linux 3.14.38+QT4.8, Linux4.1.15+QT5.6
OK335xD Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS-II Linux3.2
OK5718-C Linux4.9.41+ QT5.6+Wayland
OK4418/6818-C Android5.1.1, Linux3.4.39+QT5.6/QT4.8.6
Note: this RGB to LVDS module is tested based on Forlinx 10.1'' LVDS display module

Packing List
Material Model or Specification QTY Unit
RGB to LVDS module FIT-RLVDS+A10 1 piece
FPC cable 54P, 0.5mm(synclastic) 5cm 1 piece

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