i.MX9 Series

OK-MX9352-C Single Board Computer

Forlinx OK-MX9352-C based on NXP i.MX93 Family i.MX9352 is a reliable single board computer with FET-MX9352-C SoM separated from carrier board and high-speed connectors for easy plug/unplug operations. It features various common connectors such as Ethernet, UART, CAN-FD, RS485, 4G slot, WiFi, etc.

OK-MX91xx-C Single Board Computer

Discover the powerful and versatile OK-MX91xx-C single-board computer from Forlinx Embedded, featuring an Arm Cortex-A55 and supporting the NXP i.MX91xx series with common interfaces such as 8xUART, 2xEthernet, 2xUSB2.0, and 2xCAN-FD bus.