OK335xS Single Board Computer

CPU: Ti AM3354

Architecture: Cortex-A8

Frequency: 800MHz


ROM: 256MB NandFlash,1GB NandFlash

System: Linux3.2+QT4.8,Android2.3,Android4.2,LinuxRT,WinCE6.0,Win CE7.0

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OK335xS Single Board Computer

OK335xS single board computer(SBC) integrates with TI AM335x processor and is the most simple and stable industrial development platform. Its main frequency reaches up to 800MHz, operating temp ranges from -40℃ to +85℃. And it support many industrial bus, such as: CAN, PROFIBUS, RS485, etc, support two gigabyte Ethernet port, 324-pin CPU module, each pin is multiplexed with up to 8 configured functions. FET335xS CPU modules have 512M DDR3 RAM and 256M Nandflash on it, could greatly help users to reduce the cost of product development.

OK335xS development board is specially designed for the industrial application, so RS485, CAN, and RS282 interfaces are available on the board for selection. Users could fully use PIN MUX to define functions on the base board. All boards must pass strict EMC/EMI test before leaving factory, could be directly applied into product manufacture.

Main Features Of OK335xS Single-board Computer

  • 1x RGB display, 1x UART,
  • 1x phone, 1x Mic, 1x Line in;
  • 2x 1000Mbps adaptive;
  • 3x RS232, 1x RS485
  • 4x USB2.0 Host, 1x USB2.0 OTG;
  • ...

Stable Stamp Hole Connection

The core plate and the base plate are welded with a 1.27mm space between the stamp holes, which has the advantages of anti-seismic, antioxidant, anti-jamming and low cost;

AM335x core board
AM335x core board

Industrial-grade Core Board

FET335xS core board chips are all industrial grade materials, and have undergone -40℃ to 85 ℃ of strict high and low temperature testing

Industrial-grade AM335x core board
Industrial-grade AM335x core board

Rich Communication Interface

The core board leads to 136 CPU function pins, supporting up to 6X UART, 2X CAN, 2X gigabit networks

Industrial-grade AM335xD core board Interface
Industrial-grade AM335xD core board Interface

Multimedia is equally excellent

FET335xS core board supports RGB24-bit LCD, LCD-to-VGA, LCD-to-LVDS and other display interfaces.

The maximum resolution is 1366 x 768. Support for USB CAMERA, preview, take pictures, video.

Industrial-grade AM335xD core board Interface
Industrial-grade AM335xD core board Interface

Support for a variety of communication modules

FET335xS core board supports 3G modules, 4G modules, GPRS modules, WIFI modules, Bluetooth modules, GPS modules and many other modules

Industrial-grade AM335xD core board Interface
Industrial-grade AM335xD core board Interface

The system operates multiple protections

Core board supports hardware, software watchdog, Linux system supports NandFlash hardware ECC check,

Exclusive Uboot startup code burning multi-backup mechanism, so that your system more stable and smooth operation.

AM335xD core board Interface
AM335xD core board Interface

Supports a variety of mainstream operating systems

The FET335xS core board supports mainstream operating systems on the market.

Linux3.2, Android2.3, Android4.2, Win CE7.0, Win CE6.0

Industrial-grade AM335xD core board

Interface diagram display

OK335xS single-board computer rich functional interface

Industrial-grade AM335xD development board interface
Industrial-grade AM335xD development board interface

Rich communication interface

The board is equipped with a rich communication interface for direct use

Industrial-grade AM335xD development board Interface
Industrial-grade AM335xD development board Interface

Supports screen displays in a variety of sizes and interfaces

4.3" RGB screen, 7" RGB screen, VGA display, 10.1 inch LVDS screen

Industrial-grade AM335xD development board screen
Industrial-grade AM335xD development board screen

Supports a variety of external modules

SDIO WIFI, TTL to 232, TTL to 485, LCD to VGA, 3G/4G module, VGA module, etc

Industrial-grade AM335xD development board Interface
Industrial-grade AM335xD development board Interface

High Stability

Industrial-grade AM335xD development board
Industrial-grade AM335xD development board

▊ Accessories

Provides the modules and accessories used in Forlinx's AM3354 SBC.

See here for communication modules, LCD screen, SBC expansion module and further accessories »

▊ Hardware Features

FET335xS System on Module Features
CPU TI AM3354 Cortex-A8 I2C 3x IIC
Architecture ARMv7 Cortex-A8 SPI 2x SPI
Frequency 800MHz CAN 2x CAN
Flash 256M SLC NandFlash USB DEVICE 1x USB DEVICE 2.0
Working Temperature -40℃~+85℃ SD/MMC/SDIO 3x MMC
Relative Humidity 10%~90%(non-condensing) Ethernet 2x Gigabit Ethernet
Voltage Input 5V UART/IrDA 6x UART/IrDA
2D/3D supported EINT/GPIO more than 20
PMU TPS65217C VideoEncoder software codec
Dimensions 52mm*42mm JTAG 1x JTAG
Package edge soldering EEPROM supported, for encrytion
OS Android2.3/4.2, Linux3.2, WinCE7.0, WinCE6.0, StarterWare PWM 3x PWM
LCD RGB24-bit SATA None(can be expanded by USB)
Audio IIS
OK335xS Development Board Features
AUDIO 3x audio(1x Phone, 1x MIC, 1x Line in) JTAG 1x JTAG
I2C 1x IIC ADC 5(4 for resistive touching, 1 sliding


SPI 1x SPI Key 5x key
CAN 1x CAN DIP booting mode selection
RS485 1x RS485, multiplexed with Profibus Reset 1x reset
SD/MMC/SDIO 1x SD/ MMC/ SDIO(1x SD card slot) PWM 2x PWM(1x backlight, 1x buzzer)
USB Host 4x USB host, USB2.0 LED 1x LED
USB Device 1x USB Device, USB2.0 GPIO more than 20
Ethernet 2x Gigabit Ethernet RTC supported
UART 4x UART(3x RS232, 1x TTL) SATA can be expanded by USB
Power In 5V GPS serial interface
LCD 1x LCD, can support both resistive and capacitive touching, LCD can be convertedtoVGA or LVDS output 3G USB interface

▊ Software Features

OS Android2.3/4.2
Android Android4.2
Kernel Linux-3.2.0
OS Flashing one-key to flash, or flash a single
Cross-compiler arm-eabi-4.6
Development Environment Ubuntu12.04.2


NIC touch(resistive/ capacitive)
USB2.0 audio(IIS)
watchdog CAN
PWM(backlight and buzzer) RS485
Flash ECC verification SPI
NandFlash UART(3)
UBI file system EEPROM
SD card Key
LCDFrameBuffer I2C

OS Linux3.2
U-Boot u-boot-2011.09
Kernel Linux-3.2.0, PSP:, SDK:
OS Image Flashing flash OS image to NAND Flash by SD card, or flash a single file to NAND Flash
Development Environment Ubuntu12.04.2


NIC(dual 1000M/100M) RTC
LED audio(IIS)
USB2.0 UART(3)
PWM(backlight and buzzer) key
Flash ECC verification EEPROM
NandFlash watchdog
UBI file system AD
SD card RS485
LCDFrameBuffer CAN
precise touching(capactive/ resistive) I2C

OS WinCE6.0
BootLoader EBOOT flashed by SD card
OS Image Flashing by SD card
CE Version WinCE6.0
Development Environment VS2005


LED key
Touch NIC
SD card USB
DMA backlight
audio AD
watchdog PWM

OS Wince7.0
BootLaoder EBOOT can support USB2.0 high speed download mode
OS Image Flashing Flash OS image or a single file to NAND Flash by SD card
CE Version WinCE7.0
Development Envionment VS2005 and VS2008


LED watchdog
IIC key
UART PWM(backlight, buzzer)
audio CAN
NandFlash RS485
display AD
touch DMA
SD card

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